Don't Be Worn, Wear it! The NEW Carry Speed Pro

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©2012 PhotoPlus Expo 2012	Built right in his own garage, Tim Hsu had an amazing idea to build a strap that would not only be comfortable, but also reliable, safe, and that would not get in the way. Also, who wants to bother with detaching their camera from their strap or hook on the bottom of the camera, then attaching a mount so that you can put it onto a tripod?!? In the time you do all that work, I could have made 3 batches of cookies and set out milk for Santa! It's just plain and simply ridiculous to overwork yourself. With this in mind, Tim went to work to design a device that would not only function well, but protect your camera, help prevent sling and movement when the camera should not be moving, give the photographer a "quick-draw" type of feel, and as well, allow the photographer be be comfortable while wearing the camera.




This strap is meant for both men and women. I have in fact never met a woman so satisfied in my life as much as all the women at the PhotoPlus Expo 2012.  I mention this because on my Hubpages blog ( because a lady made a sligh comment that came out pretty sexist and bias. Nonetheless, if she would have tried this strap on for herself, she would clearly have been impressed and immediately bought the strap not just for herself, but as well for her friends and family.

CarrySpeed has only been out for a little over a year now. The strap before was a hook screw and came with a harness type of fixture that would wrap under your arm for that safety and comfort feeling. In fact, it was the day before the final day of the Sun n' Fun Fly-in here in Florida that I recieved it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use it the day it came in because of course, I was at the convention at the time. Nonetheless, CarrySpeed gave me that extreme comfort and reliability, as well as the quick-draw that I needed to easily reach down and grab my shots.

The new design for the FS-Pro was just recently released on August 16th, 2012. Complete with an ultra wide neoprene shoulder pad with breather support on the back offers almost naked comfort with the "ALL GRIP, NON SLIP" material.





Also, the mounting plate is a complete new design that folds, allowing easy fit into any camera bag or case with the ARCA SWISS Quick Release. This system is a ball locking type connector that in terlocks with the camera strap, then screws to lock it into place for ultimate security to make sure your camera/lens doesn't go anywhere!




There have been already thousands of buyers that are literally throwing their old Rapid Fire straps away into the trash! No Kidding! Its a remarkable sight to hear someone selling them say it with a can full of them, but to actually "see" it with your own eyes is surreal! If you don't believe me, right below the tripod under the dude's arm that is pointing is a trashcan full of camera straps. Why are they doing this? Duh; because no other strap can deliver the comfort, the ease, the quality and durability, as well as the functionality to go from mobile to tripod/monopod, and then back to mobile like the CarrySpeed system. It is specifically designed for the ideal professional photographer that needs to be able to draw, aim, and snap with the ease of less than a second. In the field, you don't have time to try to figure out what is going on or to think about the shot.


Now with all this being said, you're probably asking yourself the big question of, "HOW MUCH?" Well depending on when you read this article, I could easily throw a price up, or just give you the link so you can watch all the videos for yourself. The CS-Pro Mark II that I have is around $70. But there are several different options that you can take a look at for yourself. I can guarantee, that if you order this strap, you will NOT regret it. People say that you should never put anything in all CAPS. But hey, THIS IS MY BLOG! lol.

I have to take this moment to speak about Tim Hsu. He is by far one of the kindest and gentlest people that I have met. He has that tone and character that displays love and devotion to each and every person that he meets. Not only is he a great guy, but an amazing husband to his wife who was also at the PhotoPlus Expo 2012 Convention. I am humbled to have met such an individual and I hope that I can be friends with him and support his product years to come. Its one thing to sale something, but when you do it with humility and compassion, you're not even having to sell the product anymore, because it sells itself through your character and compassion. I know without a doubt that he backs his product 100% and his personality, smile and heart gives me the confidence in his product to want to share it with everyone that I know. Thanks, Tim!

I truly hope that you will not pass this up because it is and will be by far your best investment. I look forward to meeting you all as you wear your strap and testify that this strap was by far better than I could have described it.

Overall Rating: I give this piece of equipment 4.5 of 5.
Explanation: I loved the previous CarrySpeed strap that I had before. It had a padded cushion strap with a zip pocket to hold either an SD Card, or maybe a little cash if I don't carry my wallet to grab something to drink at a convention, show, or game. I also liked the fact that the previous version had a wrap around harness that comfortably made me feel like if I didn't have it, it had me. So I could rest knowing that at anytime, i could release the snap-connector.

I would like to again take this time to say "Thank-you" to you my readers. Its you who I write for and want to keep up-to-date on the latest and upcoming trends and technologies in the world of multimedia and communications. Please subscribe to my blog and keep me informed on something you might like to know more about and I'll work my resources and make the calls to get you the info that you need. So I guess, that's that!



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