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Ducks, Chicks, Bunnies and Babies! BOOK NOW! https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2021/3/ducks-chicks-bunnies-and-babies Ducks, Chicks, Bunnies and Babies! BOOK NOW!
[For Kids 5 and Under Only]


For a while now, I have been wanting to do something with babies and ducks, and possibly little chicks. I wasn't sure how that was going to work out honestly, especially not knowing the area quite well. 

Just last year, we partnered with an amazing business right here in Jacksonville to host special mini-sessions with little animals.  

It was then I reached out to Standard Feed & Seed, and scheduled a few meetings with the owner who has been so amazing to work with. Standard Seed & Feed is where your one-stop shop for feed, seed, plants, and little animals, as well as pest control for those every day intruders that might come into your garden, barn, farm, and/or house. They have a large selection of products and are very knowledgeable on just about everything and match it with some laughs and friendly smiles. 

I came to know the business we bought a hay bale from them for $7 which I had no clue was so easy to get! That was just over a year ago! I thought only farmers could get that kind of stuff but it was quite inexpensive and served our needs to cover the soil in our garden. I was very very pleased with the service they provided and highly recommend them for any and all of your needs. 

IMG_9068-2IMG_9068-2Ducks, Chicks, & Babies Mini-Sessions
are now available! Limited Availability.
$100 plus tax. Click "Book a Session" to schedule your session now!
Booking Sessions Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.
March 17- May 7th, 2021.
We had to make sure there was a demand for such shoots and I had to know what all entailed. There
was some preparation, learning about how to feed and care for the little animals, and making sure they had a safe place to call home for the time they are with us which would be a new batch each weekend. I also had to do some test shoots and just put it out there. And what other better test subject than my own little daughter who was about 1-1/2 years old. From the very minute we brought them home, she was in love with them so much that she cried so many times out of being overwhelmed with how cute they were. 



So, we planned our days, scheduled a test session, and then went at it! It was a huge success! 





Immediately we kept getting requests to do it again and had a few people want to book, but I wanted to
do one session only, just to see how it would go with other kids. 


IMG_9498-EditIMG_9498-EditEmmanuel- 2 Years Old
Saturday, 10-24-20





Thats when we booked a session at cost for a family friend and her son, Emmanuel. And I can't begin to tell you how much fun it was, and a little nerve wrecking. 






Our main concern is the animals and the well-being and safety of them. So with my wife assisting, we worked with Emmanuel and got even more of the most fun images ever, as well as learned some things to do in the future and what details to pay attention to. Best of all, Emmanuel did absolutely great with them!









So, now that we have our pricing together, have the place to shoot, and gear, we are now officially booking sessions!


There is limited availability, so book your sessions now.


Included with Each Package


5 Digital Images


(1) 30 Minute- Session*


(2) 8x10 Enlargements


(2) 5x7 Prints


(4) 4x6 Prints


(8) Wallet Size Prints


Note: All Prints are on Premium Photo Paper

and Drop Shipped


For Booking and Scheduling Information: 

Contact Nathan Waters


[email protected]


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nwphotovideo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nwphotovideo

Extra Options


$17.95 - 8x10 or $29.95 for (2) 8x10


$11.99 - 5x7 or $15.99 for (2) 5x7


$$7.99 4x6 or $12.99 for (2) 4x6


Wallets in Sets of 4

$7.99 or $12.99 for (8) Wallets



Specialty Items


Photo Paper Prints larger than 8x10


Canvas, Aluminum, & Acrylic


Hard Cover or Soft Cover Albums

& Much More


Ask for Details and Samples


*Note: Each Session Includes 2 5-Minute
calming breaks for ducks and chicks.

All Terms and Conditions for animal Safety & Liablity
Apply for Live Animals.

Mini-Session Schedule:

Its now live!! To book your session, go to https://www.nwphotovideo.com and click on "Book a Session"

Booking now every weekend From March 19th until May 7th.


Location: Drew Park, 6621 Barnes Rd S
 Jacksonville, FL 32216
(Off Barnes Rd S and Parental Home Rd)


NOTE: No Bookings on weekend of April 30th, 2021

Friday Hours: 8:30am-11:30am and 1:30pm-5:30pm

Saturday Hours: 8:30am-11:30am and 1:30pm-5:30pm

Sunday Hours: 2:30pm-600pm


Weekend of March 19, 2021

Ducks on Friday, Chicks on Saturday, Ducks on Sunday


Weekend of March 26th, 2021

Chicks on Friday, Ducks on Saturday, Chicks on Sunday


Weekend of April 2nd, 2021-

CLOSED For Easter Weekend


Weekend of April 9th, 2021

Chicks on Friday, Ducks on Saturday, Chicks on Sunday


Weekend of April 16th, 2021

Ducks on Friday, Chicks on Saturday, Ducks on Sunday


Weekend of April 23rd, 2021

Chicks on Friday, Ducks on Saturday, Chicks on Sunday


Weekend of April 30th, 2021:



Weekend of May 7th, 2021- NO BOOKINGS ON MOTHER'S DAY

Ducks on Friday, Chicks on Saturday, CLOSED ON SUNDAY


Weekend of May 14, 2021- Pending


All shoots are subject to Terms and Conditions for Live Animals Liability, which protects the animals and ensures that they will be taken care of should something happen that injures the animals. 

Please Read Terms and Conditions Agreement

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The Drobo 8D- Never Worry About a Corrupt or Crashing Hard Drive Again! Overview https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2020/2/the-drobo-8d--never-worry-about-a-corrupt-or-crashing-hard-drive-again-overview  





[email protected] (NWPhotoVideo.com - Professional Photography by Nathan Waters, Jacksonville FL) https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2020/2/the-drobo-8d--never-worry-about-a-corrupt-or-crashing-hard-drive-again-overview Thu, 27 Feb 2020 02:27:56 GMT
Introducing Gnarbox 2.0!!! https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2018/4/introducing-gnarbox-2-0 Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 6.30.13 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-04 at 6.30.13 PM image courtesy of Gnarbox.com (Screenshot)


Coming Soon...... 




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Gnarbox at PhotoPlus Expo 2017 https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2018/1/gnarbox-at-photoplus-expo-2017 GNARBOX- DURABITLY AND SUSTAINABILITY
by Nathan Waters, Photojournalist


Rather you’re a photographer, photobug, shutterbug, professional, real-estate photographer/agent, blogger, photo blogger, video film-maker, producer, or amateur to professional level drone pilot, you need something that is mobile, light, easy to use, app friendly, dependable, durable, and then on top of all that, has amazing customer service support. Well, look no further than this new company called, Gnarbox.


External durable shell for sustainability. Durability of Gnarbox is Shockproof, Dust Proof, & Water Resistant.Gnarbox.com This year, among many of the amazing vendors and inventors at this year's PhotoPlus Expo 2017, I had the amazing opportunity to meet-up with the team Gnarbox. The interview began with some simple questions and getting to know who I was speaking to, and to learn about Gnarbox a little more so that I could ask the right questions and dig a little into the company and its history. I can say without the shadow of a doubt that it was one of my favorite interviews with Will Africano, Co-Founder of Gnarbox. In this interview, Africano discussed the features of Gnarbox and the purpose. He also explained the features and we briefly touched on what other people are saying about the device. I quickly learned in spite of my initial criticism and hesitation, that this title compact piece of technology packs a punch in the photography industry with its ability to not only sustain itself in the hazardous conditions, but its also light-weight, slim, and is swarming with features that make life so much easier when you're on the go and need to dump your cards. After-all, let's face it, when you're on the go, carrying a laptop computer everywhere can get a bit wearing on you, as well as the computer. 

So, what is Gnarbox? Gnarbox is a portable backup hardware solution for people on the go. It’s for your grandma, your dad, your mom, your son, your daughter, your friend’s neighbor’s uncle, the dog, … Ok, not the dog. With the Gnarbox, you’re now able to travel anywhere around the world in the most extreme conditions and environments to capture footage, take photos, and simply, quickly, and easily capture and manage your photos and videos right onto the Gnarbox via direct USB connection or WiFi. 


Gnarbox PortsGnarbox contains: 1xSD Card Reader, 1xmicroSD card reader, 1xusb 3.0, 1 xusb legacy 2.0, 1x usb mini port for charging and high-speed transfers This contraption comes with 5 ports for archiving and transferring data: SD Card, mini-SD, USB 3.0, USB Legacy 2.0, and a mini-port for USB Charging and connection to your Mac or PC platform. It is compatible also with Android and iOS applications for on the go mobile users to adjust and make the changes and edits you need directly through Drop Box, iCloud, or on the internal drive via WiFi. 


What is even better among many of the features is the durable external shell that will stand-up to the brink of time. While you are more than welcome to purchase an external soft case for this, it’s definitely not required as its rated and tested for harsh environments that deems it water resistant, shockproof, as well as dustproof. Internally, you will find a rechargeable 4000MAH battery giving the drive a total 4-6hr battery life, which will definitely sustain the gigantic 4K file videos and RAW photos that will be transferred via one of its high-speed ports. Gnarbox also features file transfers up to speeds of 4GB/min to it’s 128GB or 256GB internal flash storage, thanks to its Intel® Quad Core, 1.92GHZ Processor, supported by 2GB of RAM, while automatically arranging and organizing with the assistance of metadata tagging. It also includes Dual-band 300mbps (37.5MB/s) 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, 4 Core Intel ® HD Graphics GPU.


This small compact device currently only comes in two sizes 128GB or 256GB. All the version 1 units which consisted of just the 128GB capacity contained a Toshiba eMMC, which was the most viable option to prevent what could have been a near 33% drag on battery life, as well as shot the price up to a potential $450-500 in price, thus defeating their primary goals in making the product affordable and still appealing. For those of you who don’t know, eMMC stands for “embedded Muti-Media Controller. The eMMC solution consists of three components- The flash memory storage, the card interface, and the flash memory controller. This past Summer 2017, Gnarbox tested the newly announced and very anticipated SanDisk 256GB eMMC. The prices are $299.00 for the 128GB +64GB microSD, and $399.00 for the 256GB +64GB micro SD version. Standard Shipping is Free, with optional upgraded priority shipping via UPS, which can from $7 up to $60 Domestic US, depending on your location and shipping option.


Currently there is talk of higher sizes due to the demand of larger drives by those video makers and producers who we all know, can go through these things in a heartbeat. That being said, Gnarbox has made it easy to attach an external drive for direct export transfer to back-up. Since you are using Gnarbox, it is definitely recommended to use an external ssd to keep your data safe and sustain continuity between your drives, as HDD’s have tons of moving parts and can fail easily while on the go.


You definitely don’t have to worry about the customer services at Gnarbox. Once you start a chat or email, its often that someone will get back to you immediately or within a very short amount of time. Another great thing about the customer support is that you don’t have to worry about being transferred outside the country to talk to someone you can barely understand like many other companies today. Everything is right here at home.


So rather you’re on the go looking for a quick easy transfer solution, or just need some extra space, I would highly recommend the Gnarbox as a “go to” for photographers, drone pilots, and video film-makers alike.




UP-CLOSE on YouTube.
All Rights Reserved.

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My Many Thanks https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2018/1/my-many-thanks  


This past October, I visited PhotoPlus Expo 2017 in New York City, held at the one and only Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. It was my second visit to PhotoPlus Expo but one I will never forget because this year, my wife also came along, and we met the most incredible, wonderful people that I can personally ever have the honor and pleasure of meeting. Right from the beginning way before my wife and I ever arrived, we were greeted and made sure that we would be welcomed and supported in whatever we needed by Mr. Scott Heath, and then another incredible person who his kindness, support, and generosity to assist us in anything we needed, Mr. Lou Desiderio, President of PhotoPlus Expo. These two individuals assisted us with getting so much of the footage that we could not have even dreamed of getting otherwise. Not only have these two individuals introduced us to all the incredible staff of PhotoPlus, but they have treated us with such professionalism as well as become now personal friends to whom we can’t fathom the blessing we have acquired.  And to you both, it is because of the people in my life that I am who I am today, that now you are a part of that many thanks.


I would also like to take this moment to say a special “THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!!!!” to all the people that helped make our trip possible to PhotoPlus Expo, as well as took the time to give appreciation to the many people who allowed us to interview you, and helped make these interviews possible:  My Wife, Best Friend, Partner and Assistant-Alana Waters, The Day Family, Zenfolio Staff and Administration for partnering with me since 2012, Scott Heath, Lou Desiderio (Synergy Communications), Administration Staff, and Volunteers of PhotoPlus Expo, Gnarbox, Joel & Amy Grimes, Zenfolio, Skylum Software, Palm Springs Portfolio Review, Mike Gangel, Theresa Rafetto, Manfrotto, Drobo, White Wall, B&H PhotoVideo, and the City of New York.


First of all, I give all credit, glory, and praise to God. Without God, I wouldn’t be here today and have the incredibly amazing, beautiful, very patient, and supportive wife that I do. I also thank our families and Grandparents, for the endless love and support that you have given us both. You gave us so much love even when we didn’t always recognize it. It is because of that love and support that we match so incredibly well. You pushed us when we ran out of “umph” and just a low tank. You reminded us that God will always be there and never leave us or forsake us. You gave us the courage, motivation, and challenged us to be bigger and better than we are, and not to settle, but excel and persist even when the world might laugh in our faces. You loved us unconditionally and instilled God into our lives. You showed us that money isn’t worth anything if you don’t have love, and money cannot buy true love. You not only showed us, but you demonstrated it.

Granny Jean and Granddaddy Pete Waters, I love you both so incredibly much and I will always treasure every moment I spend with you. You both loved me and gave me more support and love than I can ever deserve. You supported me and believed in me when people said I was a lost cause. You drove me to my Dr’s appointments, picked me up from school and took me to school rather just to go, or when I didn’t feel well, and then took (Granny) me to Taco Bell (Not an endorsement) because Taco Bell always made it all better. Rather it was going to the rental houses, getting up at 5am in the morning and being woken up by an ice-cold wash cloth in my face by you grandad, having breakfast cooked by my amazing Granny (then given coffee with lots of sugar and milk even though my parents didn’t want you to), and going to feed the cows and goats, or going to the rental houses, to riding in the dump-truck and pulling the levers to dump the bucket, I knew that I was well loved, appreciated, supported, and that you believed in me. You both took me to all the bluegrass festivals where I still heard about God and Jesus through Gospel music, you cheered me on when I was in band, and everything I can remember, always had you in it, or a part of it. And I want the world to know how amazing and incredible people you are. I love you both so very much and so blessed beyond imagination that ya’ll are the grandparents that God gave me. The love I show others is a reflection of the love and support ya’ll gave me, demonstrated, and reminded me about what is right and good, and to always be honest and truthful. It’s because of ya’ll that my handshake is my honor and my word, that I will always treasure and hand down to my own children. And every time I see a dump-truck or Taco Bell, or goats or a cow pasture, or even when I drink coffee, that I will teach them about you and tell them all the stories of my life growing up, and the love ya’ll gave me. I love you both so incredibly much and thank-you for making me the man I am today.


Dad, you worked so hard. I definitely had a very hard, difficult time understanding your love and your endless hours you put in for my brother and I. You sacrificed willingly for my brother and I, so that we could have so much that we did. I know you love me and now know and understand that you loved us the best way you could, and the only way you knew how. You sacrificed a lot of time with us because you were determined to keep food on the table, gas in the car, and a roof over our heads. I can’t imagine the frustration and sometimes lonely moments you had with my brother and I. We just never understood everything. We were young. But now, I see and can truly appreciate just how much of an incredible father you were to us even when we didn’t appreciate it, or show appreciation. We have been through a lot, you and I. It has been a long road, but you always loved me even when I didn’t recognize it was love. It’s because of you, I am the man I am today. I love you, Dad.


Mom, words cannot begin to describe the love and support you have given me. You understood the softer things, the things emotionally I was going through, trying to be a big brother, a son that you and my dad would be proud of, and trying my best to raise my brother and support him the only way I knew how during all the craziness we were going through. I knew you loved me and supported me and believed in me also when the world told you to put me away into a special home, and that I would never excel, or learn past a certain level. Ya’ll told them to screw themselves and pushed me to become greater, bigger, better, smarter, braver, bolder, and to stick up for myself against the bullies that would come into my life. You prepared me and even tried to hide how much you were hurting as a single mother, and then a very abused mother by the idiots you had to deal with until you met the man-child incredible loving, crazy, supportive, but mature and hard-working step-dad and now husband that you have. I love Brent with everything in me and could not imagine anyone else more supportive and demonstrative role-model as a father, and a friend.  But the many places we lived, traveled the couches we slept on, rooms we lived in, apartments, and still living on a very small income and trying to afford the food, rent, and transportation. You always pushed me and believed in me in so many more ways than I still will ever know. And I know that Granny Ruth and Granddaddy Russ would be so incredibly proud of you if they were still here, and I know for a fact that they are now as they look down. They loved Brent so much and I know they were happy that you were with him.


Granny Ruth and Granddaddy Russ. I know you aren’t here, but I miss you so incredibly much and want to say how much I love you and appreciate all the blessings, support, and love you gave me. You always reminded me how much Jesus loves me and that He died for me because He loved me so much. You reminded me the love my parents have for me even though things are crazy and they are separated, you never failed to express how important it is to remember that love and support, and to always honor my father and mother, even when I don’t feel they deserve it or feel that they love me if I am in trouble, that they discipline me because they love me and want to see me become what you always knew I would become. Ya’ll prepared me for the world and the lies and deceit, the hate, and never-ending criticism that would come. Ya’ll gave me the heart to see past what I see with my eyes, and to see people with my heart, the potential, and see the pain and confusion, the hurt, the loneliness, but also how to love them even when others say they don’t deserve it, because we didn’t deserve the love God gives us and gave us when He gave Jesus, His only son, to die on the cross for us. Even if the world calls us outcasts, Jesus will always love us and love them. It’s because of you also, that when there is a need, I without hesitation can give so easily even if that person already has money, because I know I have no clue who that person is, where they come from, what they are dealing with, or the battles they are facing behind that smile. You showed me that the world isn’t bad, just confused, mislead, and hurting in need for love and a savior, an answer, a solution, and purpose. Through you both also, I learned just exactly what Christ did and who He was, why He did things, and how He approached conflict without anger most times, and was able to get His message across without directly hurting people, but allowing them to feel the conviction and do what was right by giving them the option, and knowledge of what is right, then leaving it up to them to determine if their own actions reflected that message of what they themselves also knew was right or wrong. Through all the letters, calls, and photos, even though I didn’t see you very often, I will never forget you for as long as I live. I know that you both see Alana, and know that you helped me and guided me even now from so far away, through Christ, you are right next to me.  I love you both so incredibly much and will never forget your love and support you both gave to me and my brother. I miss you and wish so much that my wife could have met you and known the incredible people I know today. Plus, she loves to travel, so I know that if you were alive today, we’d be up there more often than I can fathom. She definitely gives a new meaning to the word, “Adventure.” And I thank-you for the many adventures I will have because of your love and support, and never-ending demonstration through your love for each other.


To all my family and friends that have stuck by me through the years, I am so sorry I don’t name you by name, but I thank you for the support and guidance in my life. You all are a huge and major part of who I am and what I have become. You gave me hope, faith, and joy, in my life that I needed even at the hardest times when I think there was no chance of moving on. You were there for me and always in my mind and heart throughout my life. Even when I almost called it off with my now wife in the beginning of our relationship, not because of her, but because I’m an idiot sometimes and when things get scary or serious, or even weird, because of history, I came close to running. You know who you are a few of you.


My Victory Church family:

Peter Pearson & Family, Amanda Gross & Family, Pastor Glen & Rhonda Procopio, Pastor Randy Brock, Pastor Wayne and Tim Blackburn & Families, Victory Church Administration & Staff, Victory Church Tech Team & Volunteers, Victory Church Christian Academy, and all the many members of Victory Church who are my family and have been now since 2001.

I cannot stress how much love and support I have felt from you all. You are a true reason also that I am here today and where I am today. You are why I am the man I am today and how I can be the Man of God I am today to my wife I have waited for so long for.

Southeastern University:

All the amazing administration, faculty, and staff at Southeastern University, all the amazing professors that poured so much into my life, I wish I could name you all. You all have poured so much into me and my life, helped me through the toughest times, and believe in me when no one else did. You encouraged me and fought for me to finish. When I was low on hope, your prayers, love, kindness, smiles, and support, gave me the motivation, faith, hope, and strength to keep pushing. It took me 10 years, but it was among the best 10 years of my life. I cannot imagine my life without you all.


And then there is my Disney family. You all some of you get on my nerves at times, but challenge me, support me, make me laugh when I feel I can’t laugh anymore, and laugh when I want to cry, and cry when I need someone I know I can trust and just be me and can’t deal with it on my own. We all have so much baggage in our personal lives that its so hard to come to work and just be “professional” all the stinkin’ time. With ya’ll, I know that you are there for me, you believe in me, support me, and are not just my friends, but my family. Ya’ll have been the closest thing to me these past few years which have been among the hardest I have had to deal with, and there is no way on Earth I could have done so much without you. I thank God for you each and every single day. And even though a few of you aren’t “religious” or have the same beliefs I do, rather you understand this or not, YOU are the proof that there is a living God, and a Christ that died for us all. He provided me with ya’ll, a crazy, fun, supportive, real family that there is no chance of luck or coincidence that can ever have any amount hope to have people like you in my life. So rather you believe it or not, God has worked through you and shown me love, and the presence that He will always provide and never leave me or forsake me. Your character, no matter how crazy, and your love, respect, kindness, and respect of confidentiality to allow me to pour out to you so much of my junk, is exactly the image of Christ. And I truly thank-you for just being who you are. It’s that very character and just the amount of variety and diversity that apparently, I need in my life. And that’s why I have you bunch of nuts. From my managers, to my crews, thank-you for all that you have done for me, helped me with, pushed me, motivated me, corrected me, and believed in me. You are my family forever. I love you all so much. From entering backstage gate, to Tech-6, to walking through the park, the cafeteria, different stages, parks, areas, departments, you all each have been a light in my life that I will miss so much in the coming months when I eventually depart (date unknown). So, thank-you all.


It is because of all of you that I have mentioned and so many more unmentioned, that I am who I am today, where I am today. Through you, Christ has worked and made me who I am today. Because of you, it is that every-time I meet someone knew, that character and integrity I have shines through and the image of “Nathan” reflects the image, the people, the love, the support, the guidance, values, strength, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, humility, kindness that I extend to others as you have to me.


To every-one else I am to eventually meet, I am who I am because of those many God has placed in my life that have shaped me and molded me into who I am today. I would not be where I am, or who I am without them.


And to this, I close, with my love, humility, and many thanks for all that you all have given me. I will never forget you and pray that I can make your proud of me.


Sincerely with Love,

Nathan Waters


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Its Officially Day 1 of PhotoPlus Expo 2017! https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2017/10/OfficialDay1_PhotoPlus2017 PHOTOPLUS EXPO DAY ONE


We are in New York City for the PhotoPlus Expo PhotoPlus Expo in New York. Its officially Day 1 here at PhotoPlus Expo at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.  The lines were long and going out the door when we got here at 10:30am this morning. 

I met a couple of attendees earlier that were in line at 8am this morning who stated that it was bare almost and then in a matter of minutes, the line formed around them, into a loop and out the door of the Javits Convention Center. 

IMG_3904Line Outside PhotoPlus Expo Entrance and Registration Day 1This is the line of people outside PhotoPlus Expo Regristration, ©2018 NWPHOTOVIDEO.COM All Rights Reserved.

I'm so blessed and honored to have my best friend and wonderful wife with me for this. She will be learning not just about what I do and this industry, but hopefully she can find something of her own that she can be extremely passionate about. 

I will be posting and writing about all of our adventures here in New York.

Yesterday, I was able to interview three companies due to a technical difficulty. I'm not going to post about that because I feel its just a possible technology flaw and I had to get one of the bad boom poles of that production line. 

I got some very helpful tips yesterday also from someone I very dearly respect and admire.  I was able to peek in on the "Get Better Clients Bootcamp Intensive and had the absolute privilege of speaking with Jamie Saunders. For those of you who don't know, Jamie is a Senior Marketing Manager for Neenah Paper and Packaging. She holds a Communications degree from the University of Georgia. She gave me tips on how to rebrand my business and deal with a few fake reviews on my facebook page which is now making me consider even more starting all over with a fresh page.  Out with the old and in with the new, right? 

Nonetheless, we did meet with three companies that I feel would not only be of interest to you, we also met up with the show director, who was so kind to give us his time. I won't lie, it was on the fly and a get ready kind of moment because we had no idea that was about to happen. And again, my wife rose to the occasion as her FIRST time as a boom pole operator and my assistant. (Applause here please) 

Hopefully today if we have the time. After yesterday, we were pooped and just ready to come back and get some good shuteye because the exhibitors were amazing and the excitement level was raging from all the attendees and media who got to checkout and talk to the new exhibitors at Test Drive. 

Test Drive is an event exclusively for new exhibitors to come out and have a first hand opportunity before anyone else to show their products and get people talking, purchasing, and using what they have to show in everyday use. I was quite impressed with all the exhibitors. 

There were some that I would have liked to have interviewed, but thanks to a stupid boom pole, that was cut quite short. Nonetheless once again my wife and i troubleshooted the problem to find out that was the boom pole and not something else (Thanks Heaven!), then managed to get back to the floor and conduct the two interviews. 

Our plans today are to attend a couple classes which I will write and tell you about, and also get on the show floor for more in depth looks at what is being shown. 

They are also doing portfolio and website reviews downstairs at the 1E wing. The website reviews are free but its a good expense for the portfolio, but its definitely a great investment if you want to grow and get noticed by the media and social media. 

IMG_8991IMG_8991Joel Grimes conducts seminar keynote live at PhotoPlus Expo 2017 I just attended the early class “Master The Most Beautiful Light in the World” instructed by Joel Grimes, an illusionist who has been diligently innovating portraits through working with top companies, corporations and advertising agencies for more than 30 years. In 2016, Canon handpicked Joel as one of their exclusive Explorer of Light Photographers and is also a  Wescott Top Pro Elite photographer. His credits also include as a Photoshop Features Artist by Adobe.  

In Joel’s class, he spoke about how to master the most beautiful light in any situation without getting “into the hype ofbrand names” or model names, lighting ratios, flash meters, or schematics. He spoke on lighting modifiers and natural light, shaping the light and how to give the model or client the perfect picture. Joel spoke on choosing the right modifiers and how to clean up the photo with just simply moving the light forward or back from the subject.  One of the main things that I took away from this class is the redefinition of Rembrant lighting to 90º rather than 45º because “Wikipedia” is not a credible source. If you all get the chance to visit Joel on the show floor than be sure to stop on by!

The expo is still open! If you just want to attend the expo only, its a quarter a day… ok, not a quarter; it’s $25 a day. If you’re in NYC or close to the city, make sure you stop by and give me a shout when you get here and let us know what you think! The investment is worth the buy and you can check out the booths, get great discounts, get your hands on some nice gear to try it before you buy it, meet people from all over the country, and don’t forget to scan your badges! This will get you into the drawings that the booths will have for drawings for some nice new sweet stuff like gear, cameras, memberships, software, and who knows what else. But stick right here and I’ll be sure to let you know!

Talk to you all soon!

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PhotoPlus 2017 Introduction https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2017/10/photoplus-2017-introduction image003PhotoPlus Expo LogoJoin us October 25-29th, 2017 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, NY! Don't miss out!



Photography- It's a passion and a love known by billions around the world. From family photography, to fashion, modeling, maternity, newborn, portrait, action, to aviation, sports, headshot, food, fantasy, real-life, candid, and many other genres and categories, photography is one of the most admired careers and hobbies known to man. Each year since (year), photographers from around the globe flock to one of the largest photography conventions, PhotoPlus Expo and Convention in none-other than the capital of media and photography, New York City, New York.


In less that 36 hours, vendors will be introducing their products to professionals, amateurs, hobbyists, and enthusiasts alike. From film-makers and videographers, to photographers and cinematographers, and even drone pilots, there will be products and classes there for everyone. 


This year PhotoPlus will be hosting various classes, photowalks, and speakers with panels to talk and discuss various genres of film-making, audio capturing, photography, and newly announced virtual reality classes and speakers. 


PhotoPlus Expo will run from October 25-28, 2017 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, at 655 W. 34th St., New York, NY.


I will be the first to say, I’m more of a photography and film kinda of guy. My major was in Broadcasting with a film minor. So I haven’t the faintest clue about VR. This is why i am definitely going to attempt to visit and interview some of these vendors and speakers. Hopefully they can give me a fundamental explanation in laman’s terms of the world old Virtual Reality. 


I was recently invited to a VR Seminar and viewing that if my schedule permits, I will be acquiring some very informative interviews and learn about new products (Okay, I know I will get lots of information without a doubt). 


So, lets talk a little bit about what PDN is and the overall convention of PhotoPlus Expo.


PDN (Photo District News)


Location: This year, PhotoPlus Expo and Convention once again be hosted at the Javits Center in the Big Apple, New York City, New York. This conventions center holds 760,000 sq. ft of space which leaves room for a very good number of exhibitors/vendors. According to javitscenter.com, over 35,000 companies world wide have chosen to use the center since its opening in 1986. As a previous attendee, I can confirm that the amount of space at Javits is a little bit overwhelming. It makes you feel like that ant “Antie” in the 1989 Film, “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” 

One of the most amazing things recently announced is the RoofTop Garden on the roof of Javits. On Friday, PhotoPlus Expo will be giving away a tour to the lucky first 25 people to sign up for a PHOTOPLUS Membership and then emails [email protected]. This rooftop is stated to be the second-largest of its kind, giving home in its 6.75-acre green roof to seventeen bird species, five bats species, and estimated 300,000 honeybees! It has become a rest stop for another good dozen or so species of wildlife that stop in. If this isn’t a photo-op, then I don’t know what is!

Its quite the experience for those who have never been to New York City, and a refreshing experience for those that have. From using the Transit systems to taking taxi cabs, there are many ways to get to where you need to go. New York City is every photographers dream to shoot as it is one of the leading locations for Film, Broadcast, and definitely photography. Large publishing companies, television networks, modeling agencies, fashion designers, graphic designers and actors are always in New York at it is one of the leading destinations in the world for movies and films. In fact, there will be a number of PhotoWalks this year for photographers to join in on. Its quite exciting!


Each year, PhotoPlus hosts vendors and manufacturers from all over to share their technology, skills, and talents with their amazing influential products to anyone who has the shutterbug bite. Attendees include, Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Eason, Adobe, Adorama, B&H Photo, Zenfolio, Bayphoto, MPix and MPix Pro, Carl Zeiss Inc., Sony, Drobo, DriveSavers, Manfrotto Distribution, Shootproof, Sigma, and many others. 

PhotoPlus Expo and Convention will be hosting a number of special guests and speakers this year. These special guests range in various genres of expertise with years to decades of experience in their fields. Attendees will get a hands-on experience with some of the classes and valuable instruction which will shape the way many photographers think and even act, teaching skills such as lighting, scripting, writing, how to publish and get recognized, marketing for film-makers and photographers


PhotoPlusExpo really went all out this year! With sponsored well known speakers, they are going the distance bringing in some of today’s top photographers and image experts. Let’s face it, no matter how much skill or talent that you have, if you don’t know how to market and advertise, you’re just another manikin with a pricey piece of hardware in your hand and lots of expensive (or cheap) lights you might as well use for a dj party in your one room studio apartment. 

Bottom-line, don’t do the dj party. I mean, you can if you want to, but for the rest of us, we will be joining in on these classes and seminars from the wiser people who know how this industry works and want to see us do well also. Maybe you feel that you can’t afford the classes? Well take one atleast. If anything, you can join in on the free classes that are hosted. 

Speakers will include individuals well known all over the world who are experts and professionals in their crafts with superior recognition and awards. 

Ever participated in a photo walk? Do you even know what a photo walk is? Well, put quite simply its where the participants have a specific goal and/or topic to shoot, and go on an outing taking pictures of whatever they think is related to the topic and purpose, and contest against other photographers for the best photo. It's quite the adventure with guides who are professionals in their genre of the photography industry.

Some of the photo walks include:

-Finding the Best Light For A Portrait Wherever You Are: Host Charles Chessler who is a local photographer from right in New York and an AdoramaPix Abassador, will go over all the fundamentals of getting the right exposure, what dynamic range is and how to achieve the right elements, quality and direction of light, exposure compensation, when to increase ISO, background, subject-to-background distance and more. 

Authentic Portraits with Kenna Klosterman- Kenna Klosterman, lead host of CreativeLive and travel photographer, tour leader, creative connector whose work focuses on documentary and cultural travel photography in Seattle and around the globe, will lead photographers on a walk through the streets of New York City teaching and giving examples on how to approach total strangers regardless of what language they speak. This shoot is a confidence builder that I would most definitely recommend for you introverts out there. 

-Marrying Engagements and Weddings with Architecture- Collin Pierson who is a lifestyle and destination wedding photographer out of Chicago, Illinois, with a background in working for newspapers doing professional sports, created a new style of his own with a candid and dramatic type of feel in his own studio. On this walk, he will show photographers how to use the abstract architecture of a background with the light it provides to create amazing and breathtaking engagement and wedding sessions. If you want to step away from “safe” photography and become unique in their own styles. Its said in the description that “attendees will walk away with the formula for creating showpiece artwork for their clients’ homes. If you are into abstract art and/or architecture, then this is definitely the class for you.

There so many more walks to list. For more information, check out PhotoPlusExpo.com and view the schedule of events.  

Are you into Film? Rather you are an enthusiast, amateur, hobbyist, student, or professional film maker, PhotoPlus Expo has the classes and information for you as well! Classes featured this year include but are not limited to:

-Dronalism/Drones for Journalism- Douglas Spotted Eagle who is a primary instructor and industry consultant for Sundance Media Group, Inc. And VASST, has authored books and DVD’s, also serving as an advisor for videographers, software manufacturers and broadcastors. He has an endless amount of wisdom of the FAA FAR’s and FSIMs. He is a frequent speaker on UAV cinematography, commercial and infrastructural UAV applications, UAV risk management, night UAV flight, aerial security systems, and 107 training to ensure pilots clearly understand the FAA laws. In this seminar, he will go over the different kinds of drones, camera setups, and will discuss how to achieve the images for print and web photography and video.


From Still to Motion- An all-day workshop which proposes photogrphers complete exposure to the video production process instructed by Richard Harrington. He will speak the process of making professional video and start your journey off right by learning the most direct path to getting great images and keeping clients happy. He will teach how to master your camera settings and creating a shot list,  hot to get steady shots and learn how to edit and organize your footage in Premiere Pro. In this tutorial, you will make a sequence and tackle the basics of audio and color. Make sure to bring your own laptop! Richard is a certified instructor for Adobe and Apple, practiced expert in motion graphic design and digital video. He started his career in broadcast journalism with great interest in visual communications. He was recognized for his skills by AV VIdeo Multimedia Producer Magaszine who named him as a Top Producer of 2004. He is a author and contributing author with a Master’s Degree in Project Management. 

Tales From The Set (Info coming soon)

New products

This year has been an amazing year for new releases for video, lighting, and photography companies and manufacturers. Among these, are well known companies such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, and even Kodak who is rapidly making a comeback. 




With major conventions, comes many innovations and ideas. The more advanced technology gets gives way for new inventions and this year at PhotoPlus, the list is quite long and packed with new ways to light your scenes and subjects, view it on LCD displays, how you sell it and what platforms, different type of storage that is rugged and strong for the jobs we do that must be not only transportable and lightweight, but efficient and durable to stand up to the tasks at hand. There are also new products that are so innovative they will blow your socks off. 

Companies I will be interviewing include: Gnarbox, NailPoint Art, Zenfolio,  Manfrotto, Drobo, Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Polaroid, MOO, Millers, Mpix & Mpix Pro, BayPhoto, and many others. 

This year, I will also be attending the test drive which is an exclusive event where I will be able to get a first hand look on much of the newest technology, software solutions, and photography services from many of the exhibitors and innovators attending this event. Its FREE to all attendees and takes place from 3pm-5pm in 1E07/1E08. So definitely do miss out if you get the chance to. 



Printing Companies-

PhotoPlus will host a number of printing companies. From photo printing and products for marketing photography, to business cards, there will be more options than you will know what to with all the information.  You definitely want to make sure that you plan ahead and have a schedule for where you want to go and what you want to do while at the conference. Plan wisely! Allow yourself an allocated amount of time to visit the booths and get the information basics and some literature, then move on to the next booth. 

Such companies include BayPhoto, Millers, Mpix and Mpix Pro, MOO (Business Cards), Shootproof, SmugMug, and more. Shootproof, and SmugMug are two of the companies that also host your website portfolios and have print and product ordering options for you and your clients. 

Want to print your own photos or canvas? Make sure to stop by Epson, Canon, Kodak, and Fuji to take a look at the merchandise and newest releases in printers, ink, and photo papers. In 2012, I was blown away by the vast amounts of progress in technology they have achieved. I can’t begin to imagine what to expect this year.  

I have been an affiliate with Zenfolio since 2012 and can attest to their amazing service. From the quality of Prints, to the excellent customer service and satisfaction, they are definitely soaring in ratings. In my experience, they get back to me within minutes! For premium members, you unlock the chat feature which allows you to speak directly with a rep professional who will walk you through.  

I reviewed a few years ago on PhotoPlus and Zenfolio that you can read by clicking below:

Zenfolio 2012-2013 Review

PhotoPlus 2012 Introduction

Sony Review

Hotel Accommodations

Several hotels are right now offering low low rates to fill their rooms. Its times like this that many of them jack up their prices so high for events like this that it is the one thing that keeps people from attending at all. The group rates are outrageous and are definitely not always a discount so make sure that if you plan on attending an event like this, you plan way ahead and check prices for other weeks and days to compare what the hotels normal rate is. 

Granted, there is supply and demand, but I personally would only return to a hotel that I knew took care of me the last time and didn’t charge me an outrageous amount of money just for that one show, event, movie preview, concert, Red Carpet, or convention/expo. So definitely plan ahead and watch the rates so you know who is just taking advantage of you.

I can say that the rates for the hotels reserved in group rates for PhotoPlus have fairly decent prices. If you still plan on coming, I would first check other sites like hotels.com, priceline.com, Expedia, or other sites. If you have AAA, then perhaps you can even score a bigger better deal if you call the hotel itself and work something out. It definitely doesn’t hurt to bargain.

If I could tell you any more than i would be here for months just telling you about all that is featured. But why read or watch my videos when you can just attend? 

Some of the things I haven’t mentioned are the Master Classes which are definitely a little pricey, but well worth the investment as it will pay for itself as you learn and grown in your crafts or what is soon to be your craft, developing your skills and talent into a gemstone that only you will have. 

Again, make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, for more information on PhotoPlus and make sure to watch the videos that will be coming soon. 

For now, I’m Nathan Waters, signing off! See You All Soon! 

Make sure to check out my coming YouTube Channel which will be announced in the coming days!

Don't forget to like my pages and follow me on Instagram and Twitter, and please please help me keep more content coming by clicking the like button! 




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Little People https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2017/1/little-people


From the town of Jacksonville, Florida is an amazing young fashion designer by the name of Amanda Edwards. She has been in business now  since 2008 on Etsy. A graduate from Florida State University in Fashion Design, I wanted to try to see what I could do to help her with getting a model for one of her newest outfits.

The pick was so very easy. I have a friend named Tammy, who just recently had a little daughter, named Olivia. When i saw this little rugrat, I knew that very second that I had to submit a few photos to Amanda for consideration. 

Amanda also instantly fell in love with this little hyper bundle of joy and her little curls. 

So, I spoke with Tammy and arranged for her to model this outfit  and the results came out amazing!

It was the best deal I have ever made. 

To see the full gallery, visit:


For Amanda's Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AmandaNicoleBoutique?ref=l2-shopheader-name 

Thanks to Amanda Nicole Boutique and Tammy Roberts. 

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infoCOMM 2015- Orange County Convention Center https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2015/6/infocomm-2015--orange-county-convention-center This year, I visited infoComm 2015, which is one of the largest shows that I have ever been to in my entire life (and here I thought PhotoPlus Expo was big!). With close to if not more than a 1,000 exhibitors! The excitement was the highest its been in a while! Kicking out display technology for 4k video and HD audio, life is just sweet enough to spread your arms and fly. 


Blog coming soon! Stay tuned! IMG_7278IMG_7278Image taken of the floor at infoCOMM2015

[email protected] (NWPhotoVideo.com - Professional Photography by Nathan Waters, Jacksonville FL) A/V Technology Audio Video Broadcasting equipment Cisco, LED Display Coax Digital Orange County Convention Center infoCOMM2015 infoComm teleconferencing https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2015/6/infocomm-2015--orange-county-convention-center Sat, 20 Jun 2015 01:34:42 GMT
Models and Trains https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2015/5/models-and-trains Photography at the Amtrak Station

by Nathan Waters

IMG_7744IMG_7744Model: Emily H. Location: Lakeland FL Amtrak Station As many of you know, I am a major fan of shooting at the railroads. Its such a rush to have a model that is great to work with, follows direction, and will work their butts off to get the shot. The amazing thing about shooting at a Railroad station, is that I get more than just one great shot which makes it super hard to choose from!

Downtown Lakeland is known to local photographers as one of the prime key places to do photo-shoots in the area. Rather its at Lake Mirror, Lake Morton, in one of the alleys, the stairwells, or even in the park downtown, the area has such an artistic and cinematic feel!

To start, I work my models and break them in with me, getting to know them and warming them up to me and my style of shooting. Every model must be comfortable with you, your style of shooting, and understand communication well. It is vital to having a great shoot if you decide to do something as intense and breathtaking as a passing train shoot. For one, its a little dangerous, as we’re working with a live operational station and track, with a train coming through every 10-30 minutes. Trains that come through are either passenger, or freight.

As I mentioned before, communication and comfortability with your model is key. You must work harmoniously and be able to read each other to anticipate what each other wants and how each other’s mind works. This harmony must be present in the short time that you will have just before the train approaches. Its very mental and physical. The train will be noisy and loud, so you will have to scream, shout and holler instruction to your model and she will have to be able to hear you and move with a flow and rhythm.

I recommend bringing a liability release or having it stated in your contract before you shoot . This lets your model know that she is there at her own risk and that you as the photographer will do what you must to protect any such injury or even potential death. Its not likely, but if the model falls or slips or something happens, you will not and cannot be held reliable. Also, I just thought of a new line for my release form that is a line for an “Emergency Contact.” So just in case, you will have a person to contact should something happen.

So, now that that is out of the way, we can continue talking about the shoot and how to prepare. You will need to ask the model if she will be doing her hair and makeup. If she does not plan on doing it, you can offer her an option to pay for a professional to come in. Most cosmetologists or mua’s (make-up artists) and hair stylists will offer you a discount rate if you allow them to use the photos for their portfolio. You should never do this for free. This is an investment for you, for them, and should also be for the model. I mean, you spent how much money for your equipment and transportation to get there and the insurance and fees of your equipment and also website hosting… plus the costs that the contracted work has? If you all have to pay, why should the model get anything for free? Now if you have a beautician or mua that needs some work done for their portfolio building, then contact one and offer TFP (Trade for Prints) which can be either actual prints, or a watermarked low to medium resolution copy on disk to prevent them from making large prints and/or selling them themselves.

IMG_6386IMG_6386Model: Ariana D. Location: Lakeland FL Amtrak Station The wardrobe will need to be something full and dramatic that when wind hits it, it can flow freely (just not too long since it is a passing train and could get caught). Also, longer hair is a plus when shooting models for this location. It brings life into the frame. Make sure that when you are working with your model, that you let them pose naturally and not all tensed up. The camera doesn’t lie and will show if you are making those tense poses and staging your model. The more lose and comfortable your model is, the better the shots will turn out. I recommend shooting in a “candid” style but at the same time, letting your model look straight into the camera with expression and glares, emotion, and passion. These looks will pull in greatly to the camera and make your shoot more editorial. Also, don’t forget that if your model has knees, they have to have feet., So structure your composition very well and allow room in your frame to edit and crop if you get that one shot that makes it all. The Rule of 3rds is very important if you want to make for a good framing. Remember headroom, lead-room, and foot room are key components in your framing of the model. This is a train shoot; so don’t forget to have the train and parts of the station in the shot. People often crop out the train and the background which totally self-terminates upon its own purpose. The purpose of photography in that of itself is to TELL A STORY!!! So tell it! This means using all the fundamentals of photography and making sure that those key elements are in the frame.

If you’re going to shoot at the Lakeland Amtrak, then do not let the model step over the safety IMG_7372-2IMG_7372-2Kia Kyser-Graduation Shoot, Magnolia Graduation 2013- HS line. That line is there for safety; thats why its called a “safety line.” The train will be passing at at least 32 knots (45 mph). So its a good idea to let the model know way before they are ever put in makeup what NOT to do and where to not stand for their protection and yours. This is also again why you must make them sign a release form WAY before you both ever take the first shot or setup. This way, if by some unfortunate event they are hurt, they cannot hold you liable and they understand any risks or stunts are by their own action and their choice. Also, this means not sticking their arm out too far and being far enough away from the passing train that nothing she is wearing to get caught in the tracks or onto the train. Basically just think safe and use your common-sense. If you don’t have any, then you should not be doing anything that could put another person in danger and you should definitely consider a different career.

As far as your shutter speed and f-stop, Make sure that you have a fast lens with a quick frame-rate such as at-least 5 fps (frames per second). In most of my shoots at the railroad tracks, i use all natural light and reflectors. For this reason alone, a fast lens with at wide angle with zoom capability is preferable. If you have a 70-200mm IS, then even better because of the amazing depth of field that you will get with that lens. The point is to have the shutter at a rate that will capture motion (i.e. the photo to the left), but not freeze it. You should also adjust your aperture for variations to keep the model/subject from being out of focus (this is also why you need a high frame rate camera). The best time of day to shoot that any photographer will tell you is "Magic Hour". This is also known as "Golden Hour" which is when the colors of the sky are changing constantly do to the sun rising and/or setting over/underneath the vertical horizon. Its also cooler, which means your clients aren't sweating and getting smelly and sticky. Magic Hour is about an hour before sunrise/sunset to an hour after. There is still enough light out up to an hour after the sun sets or an hour before sunrise to get some amazing photos! So DO NOT pass up on this!

Each model has their own fit of style. Use your head and study them in photos before the shoot. Its often good just to have a test shoot with that model as an ice-breaker, so that they are used to you as I mentioned earlier. Being comfortable with each other and a chemistry is a very important key to making amazing photos. It helps with communication and stress if you can communicate well.

IMG_60910IMG_60910   So here you are! These are some tips I have for you that you can use with any photoshoot and the preparation.. Make sure your batteries are charged, you have at-least two high-speed cards (Class 10; 8 Gb or higher; 20mb/s or higher) in case one doesn’t work. If you shoot in RAW, then a much higher speed is recommended as RAW is much higher data files and takes longer to capture all the data onto 4957245_sa4957245_sa the card. Remember to adjust your white balance, and last but not least, don’t forget to remove your lens cap. It might sound silly but the most professional photographers and videographers forget to do this. It doesn’t make them bad, just human.

If you like this blog, please SHARE, LIKE, and TWEET it! Feel free to subscribe to my feed as you will get updates when I post.  Thanks again for all your support and time in reading my blog. Remember, “Don’t just take a picture;…CAPTURE LIFE!”™

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Crew and Casting Call Phase 1 https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2014/12/crew-and-casting-call-phase-1
Well, its my final semester and I'm on the final stretch of turn 4 coming to the checkered flag and finish line! As I enter into my new chapter of my life, I am NOW entering into CREW CALL Phase I.
I am in search of a creative team for the following:


  • Investors and Sponsorship
  • Brand Partners and Affiliates
  • Models: Youth, Male and Female Models
  • Wardrobe design,
  • brand content manager (contacting designers to be featured in photography)
  • creative writer,
  • production assistant,
  • hair stylists and makeup artists,
  • Photographer's assistant,
  • Production assistant,
  • creative consultant,
  • blogger,
  • video producer/film maker,
  • Musians/songwriters (produce and write music that will be released and featured as background music to the shoot videos and promoted with credits.
  • Video Editor (After Effects and Premiere and/or Final Cut)
  • Creative designer
  • Clothing designer
  • Creative Set designer
  • Location Scouting/Manager

If you have any of these skills, please reach out to me ASAP.
Contact me here or @ www.photosbynathanw.com contact page.
Together, lets not just take a picture, ... but "....Capture Life!"™

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Zenfolio 2014 Review https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2014/12/zenfolio-2014-review


Its Zenfolio! Whoops! That was the answer. So I bet you’re now wondering what the question is.....  Have you ever wanted a website and just couldn’t figure out where to go or how to get one started up? Are you a photographer or a model; an artist maybe? Well there are tons of websites out there that offer you quality and service, but just don’t rise to the occasion to meet the criteria that they claim they have. Awards are always claimed, but yet we as the end-user just don’t find it to be what is award-winning to us, the customer. From the features, to the customer service, Zenfolio has really made quite a few changes within this past year and satisfied hundreds of thousands of customers from around the world!

Over the past year, I was granted the opportunity to work with Zenfolio. Zenfolio is a website hosting company which specializes in photography website design and ordering services.. with printing services just for the photographer in mind. Several different levels of memberships allow even the most amateur shutterbugs to get started for as little as $30 a year with a  14-day free trial to test out the services and see what it all has to offer.

Now a lot of you are wondering, “well, why Zenfolio?” There are so many reasons and honestly to many to name. However I will do my best in this review to touch on all the features, the plans, the services, printing companies, layouts and designs of Zenfolio and just what exactly and why they should be given a chance. I will also give my personal experience and the pros and cons of Zenfolio that I have experienced this year. I mean, lets face it, there is no such thing as perfection. On the other hand, there is such a thing as trying to at least get there, which is exactly what Zenfolio is doing.

I will be honest and straight to you as my readers and I will not place any bias on Zenfolio or any other carrier host for internet services. The truth to the matter is, when I first interviewed Zenfolio last year, I was very hesitant on even signing up just for the fact that they did not have the support staff that I was looking for. When I say support, I mean telephone support or one-on-one chat across the board, and not with a certain membership level.  This really made me not want to use them. Nonetheless, I have used the email support and to my surprise, it has amazed me at exactly how fast the representatives get back to me! They are there for me 24/7, and get back with me as they promise within a couple of hours! The perk of this, is that with telephone support, it could take hours of explanation and continuous repetition of instruction, which I might forget. With email support, I can simply go back and reference the email for the instructions and exactly what to do, and what I did before.

Also, if you’re a business premium member, you do get instant chat support. This is great for many of us who are dealing with a work load. Its definitely worth it to know that there is always someone there on the other side ready to answer all of your questions.

Secondly, the more you talk to support, the more they get to know you and your situations and how to help you best. It truly amazes me on how much they serve people and how on Earth they could possibly remember you! It’s quite astonishing really.

For over the past year, the design team has really taken great leaps with the layout designs and the algorithms necessary to keep Zenfolio by far one of the best and top website hosts. From templates, to options to have slideshows and music as your cover page, or even a straight up blog page design, they have come so far to make sure each and every photographer/designer is well taken care of and the presentation is superb!  Also, Zenfolio provides several links to layout custom page designers that will give your website an exclusive layout that speaks to just one demographic, or to the masses. So right when people come to your website, potential and current clients have not just an idea of what they are getting, but are confident and at ease that you are the right candidate and they have made the right choice over several other choices they might have went to before you.

Do you have an idea or suggestion? Cool! Thats where Zenfolio has put in a forum where users can suggest new ideas  for Zenfolio and how to make it so much better.  A lot of people can be impatient, but just know and trust that there are people working around the clock to make sure everything is well maintained and new features will keep Zenfolio on top and running smoothly so that your clients as well as yourself can be worry and stress free.

From setup, to the accounting and management of your site, to the layout design and order processing, Zenfolio is there for you to guide you through the steps of making your website the most appealing to the visitors for your site.

There are certain down times as well which can be a hassle, but nonetheless, Zenfolio tech support lets you know the schedule weeks ahead of time. With emails and onsite notifications, you are aware of exactly what updates are being done and how long the maintenance will last for the updates to the servers.  New features are being added all the time and recommendations are now becoming more fully heard  as the quality of service improves. 

The designs and layouts are customizable now which enables each artist to arrange and organize what the opening page will look like, the feel, format, and aim towards a single or variety of demographics. Do you have a video? Well, guess what? Zenfolio also allows uploads of video clips which may be used for promotional purposes, or even to sell the clips if needed. This allows you to post your videos to your blog with an editorial description and visual assistance to give your audience and clients a more solid idea and understanding of who you are, the product you are offering, and what work it takes to achieve  the desired result or actual result that you have.  This is an excellent way to draw personal attention by making a music video intro trailer for your slideshow and a personal introduction for your guests to catch a glimpse about who you are and what they are getting. It also gives people a sense of peace-of-mind and feel like they have already met you, giving them the sense of urgency to meet you as soon as possible for your inviting and loving personality.

Don’t be afraid to stand outside of the box when it comes to your photography! Zenfolio has the tools to give your website the look that identifies with who you are and how you conduct business. Remember, the look of your website is one of the most important things about your business, because if it is misleading in color, font, arrangement, or organization, it will have a large chance to make potential clients search elsewhere for there services. And if you DO get a call from them, its probably just a courtesy call to give you a chance, or to get prices off of you to compare them and giving you the passive, “Great! Yeah, I’ll be in touch soon!” But as most of us know, that means you might not hear back at all! This is why Zenfolio has you covered with preset themes  by successful design artists and preset layouts with the fonts and font colors that will make your present clients work with you more, past clients come back, and future clients be actual referrals who will also return with referrals of their own to keep your business growing!


Let’s face it; we all can’t afford $300/yr or $50/mo for a membership and any fees or dues that come with that. This is why Zenfolio ranks among the best hosts out there receiving numerous awards all the time for its outstanding turnaround time for customer service, rate of return for emails and tech support, products through numerous labs that also offer outstanding products. Not bashing any of the other stuff really, but as a professional, you need the look and services and access to products when you need them the most. For this, they also offer exceptional shipping services at the great prices that you and your clients can handle. From FedEx, to USPS (United Postal Service), or UPS, they have you covered!

With all this mind, Zenfolio had different levels of membership for everyone! Rather you are just getting into photography and wanting to start your exposure, just to sell a few prints, or a student that wants a more professional looking website with domain and an avenue to start selling either your work online and gaining potential clients and building revenue and income. Each package is carefully designed for every level of expertise, regardless of who or where you are.

Each level of membership gives you more features each of these partner labs. Are you interested in large prints and aluminum or canvas to buy and sell to order in fairs or trade shows? With minimal processing fees, Zenfolio partners with top labs to give you the best in prints and products that will astound your clients, setting you apart from the competition. 

With all this in mind, Zenfolio has a package built for each level of photographer! Rather you are a student, or a professional, Zenfolio has plans starting off at just $30 per year!  How awesome is that?!? And to get you started before you go with them, Zenfolio offers a free risk-free 14 day trial to just give you an inside look at how the platform is structured. Everything you need will be right at your finger tips! And as always, if you can’t figure something out, simply email  support and someone like Evan will get back with you within only a couple of hours!

As of course for those professionals out there with a high ratio of demand, there are membership levels for you as well where your clients can come and see your website, as well as order online right from the comfort of their own home through the easy navigational setup that Zenfolio designs for you! No coding, no errors, no problems! And if there is, then Zenfolio is only an email away!

For an example of my setup, click HERE!

Click HERE to see all the membership levels or copy the link
to your browser by highlighting this link and using Control+C (PC users) to copy, and Control+V to paste after you have clicked the address bar.

For Mac users, Command+C to copy, and Command+V to Paste.

Partner Labs

Zenfolio claims to be the best, if not at least among the best. And to hold and carry such a reputation, means that you have to act, look, and demonstrate the best. With that in mind, they partner with among some of the best lab companies that offer amazing products to its members with shipping that fits all needs!* From regular size to enlargement prints with various textures and finishes,
These Labs include:

  • MpixPro
  • Mpix
  • Photobox
  • One Vision Imaging LTD
  • IYP
  • fotoflot
  • PictureItPostage
  • Miller’s Professional Imaging
  • ivoke
  • nulab professional imaging
  • and
  • NuShots

Click here for a link to the Partners page within Zenfolio: http://www.zenfolio.com/zf/pnp/overview.aspx

Each of these services offers professional labs that proof and check all orders before shipping to ensure top quality for your clients and yourself to display in any environment that you customize it for.

Don’t see your labs in here? That's totally okay! With self-fulfill, you can offer your products through outside labs at the same prices you choose!** Each of these products and labs are member and Zenfolio approved. Need help in setting your prices? No problem! With Zenfolio’s base lab cost feature, you can customize and enter the values to offset your expenses to control a smoother financial workflow and more up-to-date accurate information. The reports section will help you see and track each order from each lab and how much was sold using that lab to help you see  where the highest and lowest revenue is coming from, as well as tracking and logging to reorder through the same labs.  And as always, Zenfolio support is always ready and at hand with a simple email to assist you whenever you need that immediate support and will respond to you with in 2-3 hours!
The support team at Zenfolio are there to help you and want to see you succeed more than anything! There are tons of webinars and tutorials, blogs, vlogs, and now, member meet ups that will help you network with other photographers and get great practice at Zenfolio sponsored events!

Zenfolio Meet-up Groups

Starting just recently, Zenfolio has launched new meet up groups for its members and aspiring photographers. This is a chance for anyone who is already shooting or wants to shoot, to become members and also gain exclusive benefits, enter sponsored contests, and gain exposure with other photographers.

This is the chance to develop a community for those of you who are shutterbugs and want to get deeper in to photography by networking with some of the bests in the area!

There will be activities, food in some groups, scavenger hunts, photo-walks, and great prizes will be given from Zenfolio and its affiliates!

Not only that, but some of the top photos selected will have a chance of being discovered and published in magazines, and if not that, you will get serious bragging rights as it will be hosted and advertised for all to see on Zenfolio’s social media and ad campaigns.

Don’t miss out on special activities, getaways, prizes, and not only that, but meeting great people and lifelong friends! But most of all, the amount of skill you will gain in the growth of your vision and talent.

Photographer Central:

Zenfolio has now produced a new project called Photographer Central to get even more clients through listing your business in a massive database just for photographers! Introducing Photographer Central

 - That's right! Now your listing is reaching not just hundreds, but MILLIONS of clients from around the world, by listing you into the top search engines. And best of all, all your contact info is right there for them to go straight to their preferred type of contact. 

Photographer Central also has a mini portfolio for you to display some of your best work!  This slideshow style portfolio allows them to stream-down your portfolio for consideration.

Overall Rating:

Zenfolio since the initial time of discovery has grown into a company that I know and love and trust. They are continually making updates and finally starting to listen to the voice of their users much more than when I first signed on. 

The smiles when you meet them in person are strong as their hearts and personalities which you can’t help but to believe that they genuinely care about each and every one of their members. 

Over the past few years, I have truly grown to love those people at Zenfolio for how quick they get back to me, the one-on-one chats I get (Premium Business Members), and the over-all quality of service through not just  chat, but also email support which is in by far one of the best ways to communicate. This method of service is what prompted me to start with Zenfolio and do this review, because i was very sketchy on how they didn’t have phone support. And by the end of the year, I was sold to the amazing service that was and is still provided as they exceed the needs and wants of its members.

Zenfolio has always checked in on me from time to time to make sure that my order was received and the quality of service they provided after i wrote them with any question or issue that I have had, and they get back to me so quickly that it puts me into shock!

With the number of members, one wouldn’t think they would remember you as well as they do! Its not just they read through old emails or something, they genuinely remember you and that is a lot to say for ANY company! They also make sure that you are fully satisfied with the services and help you through the navigation oaf making sure that you are getting the most out of your website!

Also, All my prints from the labs come in so quickly! Some even arrive earlier both to me and my clients earlier than expected!

I am very pleased with the service, products, and professionalism of the quality that Zenfolio gives to its users. I trust that you will be very confident in your choice of switching.

They are always working on new features and benefits for its members. 

So why stress? Check out Zenfolio, TODAY! Use promotional code: HU9-6Y1-PSY  when you subscribe to save 10% Instantly!

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Holiday Shopping Season 2014 https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2014/12/holida-shopping-season-2014 Written by Nathan Waters

Swipe it, write it, charge it, or just simply pull out the cash; Each and every year, Christmas shopping season begins with Black Friday which has been getting bigger and crazier as stores and companies prepare for the crowds that will hopefully pour in. With all the crowds, we here about the dangers and extremes that come with this massive weekend of sales. For those that don’t know what Black Friday is, you are definitely in for an adventure of a lifetime.  Though the sales are tremendous and savings will hopefully get people in the door, many are still frantic and skeptic of just how much its really worth to go out and if the quality of the products are worth the hassle of the holiday season.

From household goods, to the crazy inventions and releases of the year in the electronics section, people line up as early as two days in advance and camp outside the stores to get the savings and be the first in line to grab the door busters. Stores such as Best Buy, Walmart, JC Penny, Sears, and many others, spend half the year planning for this one day to rake in the shoppers who are desperate to make sure their loved ones get what they want and will love. The question is, can you save just as much staying in and shopping online?

In 2013, Best Buy did an evaluation survey to find out that many of their sales were going online after customers coming into stores and testing the products hands on rather than buying in the store. This reaction to people buying online has put many retailers in the position to dropping prices, running more sales promotions, and lowering hours to the amount of personnel within the retail stores to the size of a skeleton crew. This also causes harsh conditions to the employees with few breaks, overwhelming amounts of customers that becomes increasingly unsatisfied with the decreased services and wait time inside the store. How has this effected the way retailers do business? The answer is, they have hired increase amounts of help during the holiday season.  But how many other retailers and chains are having the same issues and how is it affecting them?

This year, it was reported that Best Buy’s website crashed due to the immense number of mobile users that crowded  website looking for the great deals and viewing the advertisements for their local stores.

In fact, online sales are shown to be up over 20% as reported by Money.CNN.

Are you one of those online buyers? Well Cyber Monday to save some money "chaching cha-ching" just might be the day for you! The Monday following Black Friday is the day that you can save online for just about everything you missed on Black Friday!  For you photography geeks out there, Make sure you stop in and take a look at sites like NewEgg.com and B&H Photo, Video, and Pro Audio!

Taking a look at another retailer known as the “Giant” of retail companies, Wal-Mart has had its share of angry workers and displaced workers. While the sales might be coming in, the employees of Walmart do not feel they have taken in any share of Walmart’s success.

This year, protesters were expected to picket and protest outside over 1600 of its stores nationwide.
Though the company states that they are competitive in their benefits such as health and dental care, as well as now contributing to its stock holders and profit sharing plans passing on the benefits to its associates, the workers argue that its not enough to pay their monthly bills because they continue to be underpaid, overworked, and disrespected.

The plans of what appear to be is for people to get themselves hired by the company, which costs the company thousands for each hire, were to walk off their positions in the middle of the busiest hours.

Its actions like these that prevent big companies from being able to raise wages and benefits because of the cost to the company in both customer service, fees, and expenses to replace the person. This costs everyone and is eventually passed onto the consumer and hinder the sale profits of the retailers on Black Friday. Time is money indeed, and for every person that walks out is more money that comes out of all of our pockets.

On the upside, there were massive amounts of sales as Black Friday has become a shopping extravaganza and extended through the whole entire weekend.

From clothing to electronics, housewares to kitchen and cooking supplies/hardware, there is pretty much a little bit of something for everyone on your list! And extending the sales has helped retailers reach those that can’t get a day off to shop on Friday, so they allow the sales to continue through the weekend. This not only helps the consumer, but also the retailers to get the products out of their stores and warehouses to make room for much more needed space.

An unnamed female associate at Walmart on South Florida Ave in Lakeland said stated as I went through her line how exhausted she was working third shift as she identified the slowest time of the day which is the overnight shift as being “crazy.” The lines were packed and from what other associates who came in were on full alert and ready for the highest volume of customers that they have seen in quite a while.

Also, announcing the opening of the new Lakeland Park Center in North Lakeland is now open for business! Stores include:

  •     Dick’s Sporting Goods
  •     Ross Dress for Less
  •     PetSmart
  •     Old Navy
  •     ULTA Beauty
  •     Shoe Carnival
  •     Floor and Decor
  •     Dress Barn
  •     Lane Bryant
  •     America’s Best

What does this mean for Lakeland? Well, for starters, a growing amount of jobs and a raise in the economy for our local community. As it sits right beside and underneath I-4, the shopping center is a beauty to see for those travelers on their way to their next destination that just need to get off the highway for a quick bite to eat at one of the top restaurants, and then slide over for a few deals next door. In fact, Its pretty much walking distance to Red Lobster, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Panera Bread, Olive Garden, Sonny’s BBQ, and many more!  How much more convenient can you get?

So what is on your list this year? Rather its sporting goods, or apparel, a new car for that loved one, food to fill the table and share memories for years to come, or whatever your heart’s and mind’s desire could be, Lakeland Florida is now on the map for one of the largest shopping areas to travel to.

If you are coming in from out of town, Lakeland Linder Regional Airport is a full service place to fly into, and services that will take you to the most local shopping center only 10 mins away.

That's right! Lakeside Village in South Lakeland on Harden Blvd is where most go now for photo ops or shopping, to grab a bite to eat, shopping, tanning, massages, and much much more! Need a break from all the shopping? Thinking about moving into Lakeland? Shop for apartments right next door to the shopping center! What a better idea than to make a new home right next door? Have family coming in and don’t want them to stay with you exactly? Not a problem! Hotels are only a walk away!

What are you looking for this season? Subscribe and share this article with your family and friends, and use #SHOPPINGWITHNATEW and reply @nlwaters on twitter to share what you are doing this holiday season? Find any great deals? Share it!

Don’t forget, I am a photographer! So for all you photographers out there, share some of your most beautiful moments and ‘Like’ me on Facebook @photosbynathanw.com! 

Happy Holidays, you guys and go grab those deals!

And remember, whatever you do, "Don't just take a picture; ... Capture LIFE!"™

[email protected] (NWPhotoVideo.com - Professional Photography by Nathan Waters, Jacksonville FL) Airport Center Christmas Cobb Dicks Food Goods Holiday Hotels Ideas Lakeland Lakeside Leisure Linder Lobster Moe's Red Ross Shopping Sporting Tips Town Travel Village XMas hobbies information interests photography photosbynathanw.com products sales services stores https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2014/12/holida-shopping-season-2014 Mon, 01 Dec 2014 15:13:57 GMT
Zenfolio-A Year in Review Blog soon to come! https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2014/7/zenfolio-a-year-in-review Well, Its come that time now after many many many discussions and interaction with Zenfolio and the overwhelming about of days, weeks, and months of viewing clients' responses to Zenfolio's progress. There are quite a few great things that Zenfolio has to offer compared to the services of Smugmug and other services for photographers to host their websites. I will not be doing compare and contrast. Through all of this I was both pleased and displeased with Zenfolio in many areas. In this blog, I will discuss the good, bad and the ugly of Zenfolio in this annual review.

I would definitely like to say thanks to Zenfolio for giving me the resources to do a full review and I will have a video review coming shortly. Until then, an article will just have to do. The services that I really liked might be different from others and you can take it at your own opinion. In my reviews, i always post the truth about the services simply because I want all of you to have the very best services possible. So I will also list my complaints and the major problems with Zenfolio that I feel as others do, should be corrected and handled.

I will talk about each of the issues and perks of being a Zenfolio member and webinars, training sessions, the support, platform, website customization and design features, and forums available for members only.

I can assure you that Zenfolio is well worth every penny and continues to impress me. More info to come!

[email protected] (NWPhotoVideo.com - Professional Photography by Nathan Waters, Jacksonville FL) Canon Florida Lakeland Nathan Waters NewYork NewYorkCity Nikon PPA PhotoPlus PhotoPlusExpo Photography Zenfolio Review camera cameras discounts domains education film hobbies hosting interests lighting marketing photography photos photosbynathanw.com portfolio products sales services stores webhosting webpage webpages websites https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2014/7/zenfolio-a-year-in-review Thu, 17 Jul 2014 20:56:20 GMT
Blog for Post- Sun 'n Fun 2014 Coming Soon!!! https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2014/4/blog-for-post--sun-n-fun-2014-coming-soon Hey Guys! The Sun 'n Fun 2014 was a HUGE success this year and I have so much to share about the people, the planes, the fun, vendors, results and of course a few things that are in the future for Sun 'n Fun 2014. If you would like to purchase a print, click here!

[email protected] (NWPhotoVideo.com - Professional Photography by Nathan Waters, Jacksonville FL) Aviation Blue Angels Canon Fat Albert Nikon Sun 'n Fun education hobbies interests jets marketing military navy photography photosbynathanw.com pilots planes portfolio products sales services https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2014/4/blog-for-post--sun-n-fun-2014-coming-soon Mon, 07 Apr 2014 00:26:34 GMT
New Tumblr! https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2014/3/new-tumblr Hey Guys! Just made a new tumblr account. I have a lot of personal and deep intermost thoughts that reflect who I am. I have tried putting these out there on facebook but it seems that I can't seem to have my own personal thoughts without someone criticizing me. Its not their thoughts, but my own based on my own life issues and experiences.

It seems that love has lost its meaning to today's society and the true definition had become so politically correct and only based on what people want it to be or think it should be, and not what it actually is. My style of photography is a reflection of what I see and how I see things as well as who I am in some cases. In fact, its where my whole slogan "..Capture Life!" came from.

We're only here for such a short time on this Earth and we're not guaranteed the next second or next hour. We only have now and each action has a reaction and consequence based on that decision. So if we bless others, we too will be blessed eventually. Those that take others for granted and advantage of them, will reap what they sow and come back in 10 fold. So if you bless others and do good, somewhere along the lines, you too will be blessed for the good you do unto others.

I try to bless people with my photography and sometimes, people do take me for granted. I don't do it for them though. I do it for those that appreciate me and have faith in me and enjoy what I do and donate back to me and fund my endeavors to help and bless other people. So in reality, its not blessing me, its moreso paying it forward and blessing the people on the other end that I used these funds to do shoots for families and non-profits and charitable organizations.  Rather its my time to help raise money and doing telethons or traveling over a hundred miles to a family to take photos for the last moments before a loved one passes.

I have tried expressing myself through so many ways and find myself constantly commenting on topics where it seems misfits and juveniles tend to speak louder than those with any morals and common sense and heart.  For this reason, I"d like to share and invite you to follow me on my new blog that will reflect more of who I am as I prepare to enter into what is soon to be the next chapter of my life.  So come with me!

Thanks for all your support and please stop by and "Like" my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/photosbynathanw!

Click HERE for my new Tumblr at NathansHeartthoughts.tumblr.com

[email protected] (NWPhotoVideo.com - Professional Photography by Nathan Waters, Jacksonville FL) Nathan Waters Nathanial Waters blog blogging hobbies interests photography photosbynathanw.com products https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2014/3/new-tumblr Fri, 14 Mar 2014 12:43:10 GMT
Sun 'N Fun 2014 https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2014/2/sun-n-fun-2014




SnFEvent_Poster11x17_14_web_lg.aspxSnFEvent_Poster11x17_14_web_lg.aspxSun N Fun 2014 Event Poster Hey Aviation Fans!!



Its almost that time of year again when people from around the globe will make those flights into Lakeland Florida for the 40th Anniversary of the Sun N Fun Fly-In!! <Click link to jump to page. This is definitely going to be a year to remember with the number of special guests that will be on property and number of vendors has risen tremendously through the much success in the past years.







_DSC0911_DSC0911 Its so amazing and exciting to see kids and adults alike enjoying the event and the family time. I remember my own life as a kid growing up that I always had a toy Boeing 747 that kept me busy while we waited on our flight to Iowa. I always dreamed of being in the pilot cockpit myself flying one of those big jets or even if it was just a small plane, to be able to see what they see and live the dreams that were against what the world says you can have. It is a fantasy that kept me going throughout my life and inspired me and encouraged me to keep pushing. If you look to the left, This Pilot signing autographs only has a small idea of what his autograph means to some of these people. It was someone much like him when I was 5 that let me sit in the pilot captain's seat and a pair of pin on wings that I will never forget!


For a complete schedule of events Click Here!

To purchase Tickets to Sun N Fun Click Here!

To view photos from Sun N Fun, Click the year that you wish to view:

2012, 2013, Volunteers Album 2013

Last year in 2013, I had the privilege and honor to meet and join some of the most amazing photographers and media to share with me the enjoyment of what they do and why they do it. For me its more than just photography. As an aspired pilot myself with 56 hours of logged flight time and solo completion, I love to fly! There is just something about airplanes that defies the laws of nature and allow me as a human to see the beautiful creation of this Earth. There is so much pain and hurt in this world, with the unending naysayers who try and bring people down, that Sun N Fun is the place where I myself like many others to let my head be in the clouds as much as I want! Its a place to learn about the funcionality of airplanes and the rules of flight in the many workshops offered each day, to getting information on owning a plane one day myself, amazing vendor food to fill my stomach and mix that with a little smell of AVGAS or JET A Fuel, and life for you will never be the same! There is just so much that I can't begin to describe!

Lakeland Florida Police Officer enjoying the show and avoiding the heat.Its gonna be hot so bring water and clothes with you to soak and keep yourselves cool! Safety and protection is by far one of the most important issues at Sun N Fun Fly-in! Each year, over a hundred officers serve to protect all pilots and spectators alike to ensure the most fun out of each year. In fact, it couldn't even run without the hundreds to thousands of hours put in each year for the preparation of Sun N Fun. From maintenance, to clean-up, crowd control, photographers, journalists, administrative and clerical staff, organizers, and safety crews, amongst many more volunteers that go as unsung heroes to make sure everything runs smoothly and entertainment is provided to kids of all ages. After all, adults are just grown up kids!


To the left-top is one of our fellow Lakeland Florida Police Officers enjoying the events and avoiding the heat with wet fashionable head-cloth. Check out the fashion ladies and gentlemen!

Reasons to Become A Pilot PromoProject that I shot, casted, edited, produced, and directed for a class in college.










A few years ago, we will all never forget and always remember the instant horrible storm that injured a few and destroyed many planes in which was recorded as to be one of Florida's worse storms in history. Thankfully there were no casualties that year. It was also known that in that time, no preparation was made or could have been expected for what Mother-Nature was ready to dish-out. As you can see in the video below, she came to show off what she was made of and showed more attitude than anyone was willing to handle. Since that time, they have prepared much more and better should a storm like this ever come again.

EAA published an article on April 2nd, 2011 that speaks about the events of that day and the unexpected turn of events that happened. I encourage you to read this just as we pilots read all NOTAMS (Notices to airmen) to prepare us for unexpected events and help us also prepare to recover in such an event.  SEE HERE FOR MORE.


[email protected] (NWPhotoVideo.com - Professional Photography by Nathan Waters, Jacksonville FL) 2014 Aviation Bad Weather EAA Entertainment FAA Florida KLAL Lakeland Lakeland Florida Events Lakeland Linder Lakeland Regional Airport Nathan Waters Photography by Nathan Waters Pilot Pilots Sun 'n Fun Sun 'n Fun 2014 Sun-'N-Fun Sun-n-fun Tornadoes Volunteering airplanes education flight hobbies interests jets photography photosbynathanw.com plane planes sales school thunderstorms https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2014/2/sun-n-fun-2014 Thu, 27 Feb 2014 18:52:47 GMT
Doug Hall Benefit Concert https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2013/12/doug-hall-benefit-concert


Recently (on Sunday, November 24, 2013), a concert was held in honor and memory of an individual by the name of Doug Hall, that I met once but never had the blessing in getting to know. It was nothing more than a handshake and how are you from someone that seemed to be a really good man. I can't say rather a man is good or not or make judgement on another person's character because we all have our days. In saying this, I don't think anything had to be said because of the number of people that showed up to pay their respects and tribute to this individual who was part owner at a local venue in Lakeland, Florida, known as Boots and Buckles Saloon on Hwy 98 North. When I read about local things like this, it makes me also want to come out to pay my tribute and donate my services to such a cause, which was to raise money to help pay the bills and support his two children that he left behind. My new friends in Clemon's Road, Justin Grimes, and Michael Ray just to name a few, were coming out to perform. This alone was just enough to get me out there. It was very honorable and a man that so many loved and cared about tell me that this was a great man, and I would hope that if I had kids, my friends and family and fans would also do the same for my family. Its a cause which any man can relate to and/or understand.


The night started off slow and people came out even just for a brief to show their support. Some shared with me who and what kind of person he was. I didn't know him or anything about Mr. Doug Hall, but through the testimony of others that did know him, and the owners of "Boots" for short call it, he was a true stand-up guy and full of life and fun who people loved talking to. I could tell it wasn't just fluke or someone foaming at the mouth for an interview because for one, they didn't know i was a writer or reporter, nor did they know who I was or anything about me which is nice for once. I like not being known because I can ask people something and get real opinions of a persons character. Needless to say, I have yet to hear anything bad about the guy and as far as I'm concerned, really don't care if I do hear anything bad, because the turnout showed the true testimony in that of itself.

As the media and a writer, I have the charge to report unbias opinion and review based on a first witness standpoint. So it certainly helped that I had no idea of who he really was and nor did anyone really know me. But they do know the kind, fun, crazy, wild and generous heart of Doug Hall and the spirit that he was.

Performers included the following: (TBA)

















I offered to do a benefit dedication fund for his kids and donate every profit penny to the family of sales for a meet and greet. Unfortunately, due to such short notice, this did not happen. However, I have spoken with the owner and hopefully we can do a Doug Hall Benefit Concert in honor of Doug as a foundation to raise money for other charitable causes and bring in more amazing musicians and well knowns with a meet and greet photo session experience in which your purchase of any merchandise will go to the cause and to the family of Doug Hall in the future.

I proudly support charitable unselfish events if I see them as true and honest. So if you have events that you would like to have me out to do photography for yours, please get into contact with me and even if I can't do it myself, I will make sure that a photographer or a team is there to cover your cause/event and will help even more by pulling my own resources to help get the word out.


For those who attended, please feel free to leave a comment below in the guestbook to sign and leave your comments. Share and like this and ask others to share their stories (appropriate as possible lol) about Doug Hall and his kids. Please if you don't care for him, do not bother as your comment will not be published if you choose to be inappropriate which is not tolerated by me. This page is dedicated to the memory and life of Doug Hall, that we keep him alive in spirit in our hearts and bless him and his family with your kind words. This blog may be one day read by his kids and bless them as to a great man that he was and how much he meant to everyone. Every child wants to and do see their parents as heros. Okay, maybe not all parents and a lot of kids don't. But these kids will! 


[email protected] (NWPhotoVideo.com - Professional Photography by Nathan Waters, Jacksonville FL) Boots n' Buckles Brian McConnell Brian Sutherland Brian Sutherland Trio Canon Clemons Road Cliff Brown Country Music Doug Hall Jason Baker Jesse Palm Justin Grimes Line Dancing Michael Ray Patrick Gibson Rainer Berry entertainment hobbies interests music musicians photography photosbynathanw.com products sales services https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2013/12/doug-hall-benefit-concert Fri, 13 Dec 2013 06:50:14 GMT
The Salata's 2013 https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2013/12/the-salatas "Have You Been Naughty,...... or Nice?"


The theme of this photoshoot could not have been planned any better with any better timing then it was. The shoot was originally planned to be on Tuesday, November the 26th, 2013, but was rescheduled due to harsh weather concerns and other issues. I couldn't do it earlier, so it had to be later. The location was fine and I had no idea what to expect honestly and was weary because reschedules rarely happen to me. But it seemed to work out to the best with the best circumstances in such a horribly hilarious condition.

IMG_0490IMG_0490Jake and Lisa Salata

I have known the mother, Lisa, for years. We went to high school together and there is a lot of love there between us as friends. We were both in band together, which kinda joined us in a family type relationship in a way. I was not expecting her to contact me for this shoot. But when she did, I gave her the ins and outs of how I do my shoots and prepped her for the best possible shoot and how we could make it smooth.

IMG_0564IMG_0564Father and daughter, Jake and Kendall. Poor kid =( She was not feeling it! lol She is so adorable and its so funny at the same time!


Right from the get go when we arrived, their poor daughter was not exactly in the picture type of mood and didn't want to be there. She made that VERY clear to all of us! I knew she was a sweetheart. I could see that because of when she smiled which we eventually got out of her a few times. But she clearly was just not in the mood to have her picture taken. So we did what we could do and just let her do what she wanted to do and worked the day around her wants and needs. Needless to say, it made the shoot AWESOME!




IMG_0294IMG_0294 All that I kept hearing Lisa and Jake say over and over was "That's the shot! You got it!" But each time we thought we had it, she would do something even cuter and more funny that we had to make as much happen during that time as possible. And of course, we did! I don't honestly care about time if a shoot is going this well and for me as a not just a photographer, but also just as a human being, I know those moments that are so precious and valuable, that I have that natural sense of when I have it and when I don't. I didn't feel like I did yet. So we kept going and when I got the shots like in the sneak peak, I knew we were finally getting what we were looking for and I could feel satisfied.


The truth is each moment is so crucial and is only there for that moment. You can't just react something and have it come out so real and true because even with the actors or the retakes, its not true to the exact moment. Time passes by and we don't even notice. We don't have pictures, but only memories. Its those regrets that we live with because the memories will eventually fade and can't ever get back. Its these moments we will share with our families and grand-kids years to come.  They paint the future and help us live in the future and remind us of the purposes we have to be here on what some may even consider a "God forsaken planet." But they don't have the memories like this to hold on to, and if they did, they choose to let it haunt them for the rest of their lives and become bitter and some even make it bad for others or atleast try to. But how can we let those misery of others affect us when its them we are sad for? If only they had moments like these they could share and remember.


Life is so short. Why live in such turmoil and hate and disgust when you can instead use every breath and take what crap you get and turn it into fertilizer so that we and those around us can grow and be happy and strong? These two beautiful children are the future. We have to embrace them and love them and sometimes just let them do what they do, have their little temper tantrums. As the song says, "Let them be little." ~ Billy Dean.

So that is what we did! And it was a blast! I could not be much happier with how things went as to how they did go! There is so much love in this family and support that it seems to be endless and so unconditional. I'm so blessed to have been a part of this family's photo shoot. This is definitely what its all about! So next time you want to treasure a memory .....

"Don't just take a picture; CAPTURE LIFE!"™

Merry Christmas from PhotosbyNathanW.com

and the Salata Family!

  IMG_0247IMG_0247Jake and Jax, father and son, in their most natural moments having fun. IMG_0255IMG_0255Mother and daughter, Lisa and Kendall. IMG_9685IMG_9685

[email protected] (NWPhotoVideo.com - Professional Photography by Nathan Waters, Jacksonville FL) Canon Christmas Florida Florida" Lakeland Lisa Salata Nathan Waters Photographers Photographers in Central Florida Photographers in Polk County Professional Professional Photography The Salata Family boys candid children cute funny girls in kids love memories photography photography ideas photosbynathanw.com products services https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2013/12/the-salatas Thu, 05 Dec 2013 03:36:01 GMT
TodaysThoughts https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2013/7/todaysthoughts/Sun_July28th_2013 Local Photography- PhotosbyNathanW.com - Lakeland

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Hey Guys!

First of all, I would like to give a shout out to my friends at Zenfolio for their awesome service and the host of my website for all your support and service that you have provided me. I would also like to include them in my thanks for service and support below. I have included a link in my promotionals and discounts page.







So, What has Nathan been up to lately? Well, I've mostly been adding my site to several search engines most of the day today. I can tell you one thing; being in business for yourself is no easy task and requires so much time out of your schedule. So many people don't realize just what we do as photographers to keep our business up and running as well as the expenses of advertising, membership fees and subscriptions to keep our business listed, the software and hardware costs, costs of gear and the insurance, transportation costs such as leasing or loans, plus operation and maintenance of that vehicle and the vehicle insurance, then all the taxes and licensing to run an operate the business, internet costs, and on top of that, cost of living....

Its quite a stressful life but we do it because of the return we get when we make people happy or cry tears of joy and have that something to remember and keep the image alive in their heads. If that image fades on paper, we have to have it backed up somewhere which requires new hard disks and then protection for that in case of fire or natural disaster, then all those memories are protected. If a hard drive fails, then its backed up to a secondary hard drive.

I have so much money invested into my equipment. And then when someone tries to get me to do a shoot for free and gives me the whole "I'm allowing you to do this to use in your portfolio...," nothing could insult, upset, offend, and/or anger me more. I mean you don't get free cable or electric, plumbing, or repair services on your car do you? Same is here! We as photographers have so much to pay for yet we are so disrespected. It might not be intentionally, but still it would be nice to have people undersatnd just how much time we put into our work to make sure you get something WORTH remembering.

It basically boils down to the question of is your memory and life so worthless to have someone do it for free and/or so cheap to screw it up? If thatIMG_1097-2 is the case then its not worth even remembering! But if it is, then is it not worth investing into that memory to make sure its kept safe?

As your photographer I take deep heart and pride in providing service to you on a personal level that i care about you as someone worth living and taking the time to make sure i capture every single moment that I see so that its a moment you can forever treasure.  Who wouldn't want that?!

I hope this has not come across as a rant or anything because its me simply sharing my thoughts and what is on my heart as both a person and a professional photographer that cares about their client(s).

Also, if you have had your photos taken by me as a courtesy, please know that as much as I love helping you out, I also have my expenses just as you do and the transportation to get to where I have to be. I have even had people get mad and throw at me "well we never asked you to come take our pictures or to do anything for us!" Seriously?!?!? lol

I hope i have reached you all out there because again, its how we as photographers live. And then to be undermined by those who call themselves photographers are professionals just because they buy an expensive camera. Its NOT the camera doing the work, its the photographer! So if you like the image, please don't ask "wow, what kind of camera is that," or say "that is and amazing camera and gear." Its the person behind the device who got the picture. I have alone spent 16+ years in my craft doing both video and photography, then expanding into film, and tv/radio broadcasting. I think I'm just going to list my resume on here so you all can see my experience and know the time and costs of it all.

Just remember if you could when you choose a photographer, do they really care enough about you or your images if they are only charging you such a small fee and giving you a disk? And do they offer the packages and the products that would be quality for you do display in your home? Does your photographer include editing in the photographs? How long have they been doing photography? What other experience and qualifications do they have? Do they backup their photos and are they safe from water/fire damage? If you come back to them, are there incentives if you use them again?

Don't be afraid to ask these questions. Because if they are only charging you anything less than $85-125 based on todays economy, they are probably not caring enough about you or your photos to back them up and have not much experience. If it is a shoot that can be redone, then I would still choose someone that you know cares about your pictures and has a great portfolio. If not, well you just got punked out of your money when you could have spend just a little more and hired a real professional and gotten a great shoot out if it. Not to mention the cost of education and seminars, classes, expositions to look for new and better equipment to keep up-to-date with today's techniques and networking so that we can provide you with the best services possible at the lowest prices by some of the best printers and printing companies.

Well, If you read all of this then chances are, you need to stop reading and book me already, then go grab a sandwich, or get off before you are late back from your lunch break or picking up your kids, husband, or friend from the airport. And I hope that you didn't have to pee before you sat down to read this and have been holding it ever since... lol . As much as I am flattered, its not healthy for your bladder and it won't look good with a huge wet spot on you! I probably just made atleast have of you blush because that is exactly what you're doing.


God bless you guys!


[email protected] (NWPhotoVideo.com - Professional Photography by Nathan Waters, Jacksonville FL) blog education emotions feelings hobbies hosting interests life lighting photography photosbynathanw.com products sales services https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2013/7/todaysthoughts/Sun_July28th_2013 Sun, 28 Jul 2013 20:15:37 GMT
Prayers for Abby Grace Warren https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2013/5/prayers-for-abby
972247_10200418387159451_50204491_n This Page is Dedicated to the Warren Family:
In prayer for the Warren Family... Little Abbey Warren is at the hospital right now and all i know and info I can give is that she was air lifted, ..... please if you are awake stop what you're doing and lift your hands and pray for this child... Jesus promised those who have abundant faith he will look after and protect and I know this family has had enormous faith and obedience unto Him... So in Jesus name my friends, please pray pray pray and keep praying. If you have kids of your own, pray as if this child was your own.... and keep praying.... I believe in prayer and miracles. Do you? If so, PLEASEE PRAY!

As permitted by the family i will update this blog in further details of Abbey's condition and status.



From Abby's Mom, Rachel Stewart Warren:

Thursday, June 13, 2013 6:08pm

Happy Dance Moment: Called one of the three hospitals Abby's "vacationed" with in the past 7 months to try and negotiate monthly payments (one of her larger bills). I had put off calling -she has so many medical bills and the amount of this one was just really stressing me out (yep, I was sticking my head in the sand..lol). This very kind gentleman pulled up our information and asked if I would mind holding. (I'm thinking, great - this can't be good). He comes back on to inform me that there's a ZERO balance, we owe nothing! WOW! (something about resubmitting the claim to our insurance and it being paid in full - doesn't sound like something our insurance would do -but whatever the case - it's amazing!)feeling blessed.


Posted: June 2, 2013 9:25pm

Contact your local American Red Cross for dates/details on available CPR/first aid training. And be sure to sign your precious ones up for early survival swim lessons/refresher courses -especially before all the summer water fun begins! Never take for granted what can happen in the matter of seconds!!!

Click HERE for Article regarding drowning from Bay News 9. (Copy and paste link into browser if "HERE" link does not work.)




   Rachel just posted:.... Here is the post she just made and this will let everyone know the questions you have asked and wondered. ...Thanks to everyone for your prayers! God DID answer those prayers and spared this childs life! God is indeed a merciful loving God. He definitely heard your prayers and they were indeed answered. Thankyou all so much! So, here is the update!!


FROM RACHEL: Friday, March 31st, 12:20pm

A Tragic Reminder of Water Safety:
After our family’s tragic events this holiday weekend, I can’t help but be concerned for other Families as we’re planning our summer vacations including lots of water fun in the hot summer weather. As many of you know, children hold a very special place in my heart – MY children are my life. I hope that our horrible experience will at least serve as a reminder of the importance of water safety (and safety in general) and hopefully save other precious ones from a similar experience as our sweet Abigail Grace.

965642_10200466689006967_2027675381_o On May 28th, we were over visiting family for a Memorial Day party: Lots of pool time and fun in the sun. It was wonderful, the kids were having a blast and before we knew it, it was getting late and we started packing up. We were getting ready to head home - I stepped inside for ONE minute to put some last minute things in our beach bag while daddy remained outside with the kids and other family members. I assumed daddy had an eye on Abigail; unfortunately, daddy thought I had her and in the short minute it took for us to realize the miscommunication, the damage was done. Our precious two year old baby girl was floating lifeless in the pool, mere feet from the adults who were still outside (a wall blocked their view of the pool). I’ll never forget the panic in Mike’s voice and the horrific image of our baby girl lifeless, pulse less and blue. My husband and I are both trained in CPR/First Aid as is Abby’s Uncle who assisted Mike and we know this is what ultimately saved her life as we awaited EMS (it seemed like eternity as each set of compressions/breaths were completed to no avail, at one point I honestly thought we had lost her completely, praying to the Lord to please, please help us, until suddenly she started trying to take breaths). She was airlifted to Tampa General fighting for every breath; but, miraculously was breathing on her own by the time we landed in Tampa. She had a short stay in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit due to concerns of secondary drowning and infection but was soon released. The recovery for her and our entire family is tremendously difficult and on-going, we’ll never be able to erase the images, events or raw emotions from our minds (our older boys share an incredibly close bond with Abby and saw her being pulled from the pool before being shielded from the horrific scene, they continue to periodically check her to make sure her lips aren’t “blue anymore”; but, we feel led to share this story (as hard as it is) to at least spread awareness of how very real the possibilities are to even the most safety vigilant of parents/guardians. Little ones are so incredibly fast and it only takes seconds to change lives forever!

In Florida, Drowning is the #1 cause of death in children:
1) Be sure children receive water safety and survival lessons as soon as possible (young children usually need a refresher course a year later). Our older children were in swim lessons as soon as they could walk. Abigail has had some health issues which delayed her ability to have these crucial lessons.
2) Be sure parents are trained in CPR/first aid or at very minimal, parents insure someone else trained in first aid is always available while their child is in or around water.

3) Keep young children within arms-reach at all times and older children within view at all times. Drowning is nearly always a silent event – you won’t hear it happen.
4) Use very clear communication as to who has full responsibility of a specific child at any given minute. Never, never, NEVER make assumptions, even for mere seconds. As in our situation, Just because there’s adults around, it doesn’t mean they truly have a focused eye on the child unless there’s verbal agreement/ understanding.

This attached picture was taken just hours before the horrible events and luckily, we’ll have many more of these family pictures in the future! We’re so grateful of God’s Grace working through the hands of so many folks: close family & friends, EMS, PCSO, Fire-Rescue, Life Flight, TGH ER personal , PICU doctors and nurses and also for the flood of prayers and support from family and friends!





Tuesday, May 28th, 2013,... 7:10PM

Abby's doing better and better, has made a remarkable turnaround from just 24 short hours ago and is expected to make a full recovery (no long term issues). Definitely an answer to so many prayers. (I honestly still can't believe it happened).


Tiffani Warren Morris:  Report from the Aunt of Abbey


Tuesday, May 28th, 1:21 PM

******UPDATE** on Abby Grace!!!! Our God is TRULY AWESOME!!! The healing hands that he laid upon my niece last night were nothing short of AMAZING!!!!! Abby got to come home ALREADY!!! She is still a little wobbly on her feet, but is all smiles and laughter!!! I can NOT thank you all enough for ALL of your prayers for this little girl and our families!!! God has truly given us another reason to praise Him and raise Him up! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!



Monday, May 27th, 11:38pm

Just received a good report from my mom at the hospital.... still not 100% yet, however, Abby IS making progress!!! Loving the fight in this little girl!!♥♥!! God has BIG plans for her when she gets older!! She's destined to do GREAT things!! Thank you all for your past, present and continued prayers!! AND a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU AND MUCH LOVE TO Polk County Fire Rescue, Polk County Sheriff's Office and the helicopter crew FOR YOUR SERVICE AND COMPASSION IN THIS VERY STRESSFUL AND EMOTIONAL TIME!! YOU ARE APPRECIATED AND LOVED!!! Leah Chase (Matt was wonderful and I KNOW you're proud!!) Vince Gonzalez, you KNOW I heart seeing you, but let's pick a better meeting place and time next go 'round! Jim Bryan thank you for coming out to check on us and to your shift that responded so quickly! We truly do appreciate the amazing work that you ALL do!!


Blog Courtesy of ©2013 PhotosbyNathanW.com. "..Capture Life!"™

All Rights Reserved. All pictures provided in this blog are also copyright protected and may not be used without permission for any commercial use under US COPYRIGHT LAW.

[email protected] (NWPhotoVideo.com - Professional Photography by Nathan Waters, Jacksonville FL) AHS Abby Abby Grace Abby Grace Warren Auburndale Auburndale Florida Auburndale High School Blessings Children EMS Florida God Jesus Lakeland Lakeland Florida Matt Warren Michael Warren Paramedics Polk Polk County Polk County Fire Rescue Polk County Sheriff's Office Rachel Stewart Warren The Warren Family Tiffany Warren church family friends interests journalism love news photojournalism photosbynathanw photosbynathanw.com https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2013/5/prayers-for-abby Tue, 28 May 2013 04:17:00 GMT
Kia Kyser-Graduation 2013-A Flower Opens https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2013/4/Kia_Kyser2013/Graduation/Shoot1  

Kia Kyser- A Magnolia Graduation 2013



1-IMG_7374-Edit-001 kia3_1 IMG_7036 IMG_6718

Congratulations to Ms. Kia Kyser!! YOU HAVE DONE IT!


This shoot was randomly decided a day before the actual shoot. A friend of the family contacted me the day before on Facebook saying how much of an emergency this situation was and they needed someone they knew wouldn't mess up the shots like the last photographer. I gladly accepted the challenge, knowing it would be just that. I had to come up with not only a price for this student, but figure out where and how to make all this happen in such short notice. So, I played it by ear which I recommend to any photographer, just because if you know who you are and that you are good with people, then the rest takes care of itself.  And indeed, Kia got to the location, shy as a new kitten, and very bashful. She hasn't really had any experience in front of a camera and had no idea what to expect.  I had to assure her that she would do fine and show her that I knew that she could do it, that she was beautiful, has a wonderful smile, and that I would direct her and steer her in the right direction.


Just as I promised, I did direct her and she began to open just like a beautiful flower opens to a new world. So with that thought in mind, I spotted the beautiful Magnolias that were growing and some were still closed. To me, this said Kia exactly because she was like these magnolias. As the photoshoot went on, this little shy girl began to blossom into a personality with an amazingly beautiful smile and laugh that was just so genuine.


IMG_7278 I am so privileged and blessed to be a part of her life to share this important milestone. Its definitely one she will never forget.

I wish you all the best Ms. Kyser! Go for your dreams and keep God first above every choice. Remember your mother loves you and that people come and go, but real friends are those who will never leave you and are right there with you in the storms of life.

Believe in yourself! God made you in His image, so you MUST be beautiful. The stupidest question is the one not asked. If your mom doesn't like it or won't like it, its probably not a great idea or a good choice to make.


And most of all, don't forget to live, laugh, and love!


Goodluck Kia! From PhotosbyNathanW.com "Don't just take a picture, CAPTURE LIFE!"™

[email protected] (NWPhotoVideo.com - Professional Photography by Nathan Waters, Jacksonville FL) 2013 Canon Females Gardens Graduation Hollis Kia Kia Kyser Kyser Lakeland Photography Photos flowers fun graduates interests life magnolia photography photosbynathanw.com products railroad sales school services https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2013/4/Kia_Kyser2013/Graduation/Shoot1 Fri, 26 Apr 2013 12:32:46 GMT
Photoshop World 2013-Intro https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2013/3/photoshop-world-2013-intro  

Photoshop Word Conference and Expo 2013 is very quickly approaching and photographers are very much anticipating the experience and networking, as well as getting to see new photographers and their work. No matter if you are an aspiring photographer, or a professional, Photoshop World has something there for everyone, young to old. From April 17-19, 2013, You will blow your own mind in the amount of education, information and opportunities you will and have gained from this to take with you on your life's journey.


From technology, to software and new types of inventions that will make your work so much more beautiful and easier to achieve your goals, while also helping you make the money you deserve for those many countless hours of shooting and editing, Photoshop World Expo is the place to go. You absolutely will not wan to miss the excitement for many reasons such as learning easier editing techniques, meeting some of today's well known most successful editors and photographers in the business, learning how to market your business and find your niche, and making your work go global to catch the eyes of people all around the world.


Social networking is by far one of today’s leading resources that we have today. Modern day socializing is the key to success and knowing who to talk to, how to make those meetings happen, how to sell the pieces you have shot or edited, and attracting the attention of the commercial world to promote your work to every day consumers. So knowing which resources are available are a prime key to your success. So many artists stick to things such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites, rather than expanding outside that box and into other venues and marketing opportunities. So learning which websites and networking fields there are is a major key to getting your work to become viral and shared around globally.


As mentioned earlier, some of the worlds biggest and best leaders in the world of photography and art will be there to coach you one on one, as well as a group on the tips and tools of the trade, to give you the advice, critique, and knowledge to make your work more marketable. They will teach you in workshops that are available where to market your work, Photoshop techniques, skills, shortcuts, and creative ideas on how to edit your work in such ways that are both appealing to the eye, and add salt to the flavor of your work to make your viewers thirst for more of your other products that you have available. Making your work admirable is the key to much of your success. If someone sees one of your pieces, and is inspired, they will naturally want to see things different and shocking that they have never seen before, or a new type of feel to something they have seen, but an entirely new concept. This is what will give you the “supply and demand” that you need to be able to compete in today's marketing world. It is extremely competitive. Some but not all of these amazing people include:

Scott Kelby


Photoshop User magazine


Matt Kloskowski

Author and Eduacator


Joe McNally



Ben Willmore

Author, and Instructor


Dave Black

Photographer, Teacher, Author


Moose Peterson

Wildlife Photographer, Author, and Educator


Joel Grimes

Photographer, Instructor


Jamy Maisel



and many more.



Many spend from thousands to millions of dollars in marketing their work and don’t live see the fruits of their money spent because they believe money is what makes them marketable. However, many do not have the money to spend on workshops and education because we are maxed out on bills and have kids, bills, and our time is distracted elsewhere other than where we want it to be, but yet all the while, our work is either amazing and never makes it to see the light of day, or we don’t have the skills and talent quite yet to get it out there because of our everyday restrictions. So knowing how and where to sacrifice is something we all need to know how to do in order to make it and get the time and education we need to somehow get our work seen. 


Photoshop World is exactly that and more. From classes, to technology, education, resources, literature directly from the manufacturers and inventors themselves, including the one on one time you get from photographers and artists from around the world, its only you who can determine your success by attending this Photoshop World Expo 2013 Convention in Orlando, Florida, and gaining more in just one day than you have in over half your life. As a Floridian, you have an obligation to yourself to make it to this!


To make it easier for you, Photoshop World has extended an offer to you who can’t afford to attend the classes and convention, by giving you the opportunity to attend it for FREE! That’s right! The final two days of the Expo are open to a limited number of the public absolutely free!  To find out more about Photoshop World, visit their website, click here!


I hope to see you all there at Photoshop World in April!  Do NOT miss this opportunity! Only YOU can determine how successful you are. So time, hard work, effort and doing the things you have to do is what will help you get there! Blessings and Good-luck to you all!


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GO BEYOND THE IMAGE with METAL MURAL! https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2013/2/metal-mural GO BEYOND THE IMAGE!

PhotoPlus Expo 2012 was by far simply amazing that in itself; however, it takes something like MetalMural.com to take amazing to the next level. This year at the convention were tons of printers and designers, inventors, and manufacturers that all had something exquisite to offer. I however have never seen a creation or idea such as that of Metal Mural. It just seems to automatically role off my tongue when I say it! MEETALLLL MUUUURAAAALLLLL..... Its just FUN to say! And again, this is my blog, so if you are worried about grammar and punctuation, go write your own blog. lol

This however is primarily for those who enjoy life and standing outside the box and experiencing an image in a way that recreates how art is traditionally displayed.

Introducing, Metal Mural.com. This company was designed with the photographer and intimate-at-heart clients in mind. It displays class, modern art, advanced technological framework, and outright genius all in one idea. Forget about what you or your clients like, and experience what they and you dream about! This is that type of product that will have you, your clients, friends, guests, vistors, and other photographers talking for decades to centuries to come! Could you imagine, someone passing away that bought this artwork, it being sold and forgotten or taken down, and years later, your artwork being uncovered on this piece of metal, preserved as if it were just printed? Imagine the value, the memories, the questions of who the people were and who shot this picture. Your image instantly goes from picture to "Legacy" in less than a few seconds!

Metal Mural is a company based out of New Jersey, which is right over the bridge from New York basically. They are the very first company to generate an idea of a intensely high quality image onto a metal piece in a modular type of design. They are available for double-sided printing and can be hung freely or mounted on any surface. They are preserved with special coatings that will have them lasting for years to come for the memory to last as it should.  It is quite the image that leaves you with that feeling of chills and like you first fell in love. Best of all, it doesn't give you the stomach ache, make you fat, 0 calories, and can complete any diet plan! It also can't break-up with you or divorce you and leave you lonely because the image will always stay with you and is guaranteed to last for years and years to come, past your own lifetime for your generations to come to enjoy!

"So don't just take a picture, and Stand inside the Moment! CAPTURE LIFE,"™ with PhotosbyNathanW.com!

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Zenfolio joins Art.com Family! https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2013/1/zenfolio-joins-art-com-family BIG NEWS! Zenfolio has just joined forces with Art.com! Thats right; Art.com and Zenfolio are now working together to help Zenfolio members sell and market their work to a broader audience. January 7th, 2013, Art.com announced the acquisition of Zenfolio which first began in 2006,  and has since grown to be one of the absolute largest photographer website hosts in the country, and as well as the world, with over thousands upon thousands joining each and every day!

Zenfolio's services  provide an improving customizable photo and video  viewing experience with watermark if preferred to protect the video, amazing photo management and encrypted security protection with an unlimited amount of storage, as well as flexible, state of the art e-commerce platfoms directly integrated with a growing number of global fulfillment partners.

Art.com has over 12 million customers in 120 countries  worldwide! Can you only imagine what this will do for your sales potential and options? It was founded in 1998 with the only goal to "help people find the art they love so they can love their spaces more." (Art.com)

If you would like more information and want to read the entire press release for yourself, feel free to visit art.com or click here for the entire media release.


Thanks for visiting my blog and stay tuned for more updates and a wide range of discounts, events and give-aways.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS! https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2012/12/merry-christmas Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook



Create your own scrapbook - Powered by Smilebox Free scrapbook design generated with Smilebox


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Congrats to Julie Gmitter! WINNER OF SMILEBOX.COM! https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2012/12/congrats-to-julie-gmitter-winner-of-smilebox-com Congrats to Julie Gmitter of Lakeland Florida! You are the FIRST winner of PhotosbyNathanW.com. PhotosbyNathanW is happily affiliated with multiple affiliations and I wish to grant you this 1 year subsciption to SMILEBOX.COM! I am hoping that you will take as much advantage of this award and also, we will be announcing your name on all forms of media, as well as on the Smilebox.com newsletter. Erica will be in touch with you soon to welcome you to the family and I hope you enjoy your membership! Congrats!  Julie Gmitter won by simply keeping up to-date with my blogs and postings on photosbynathanw.com, Twitter, and other releases such as facebook.com/photosbynathanw.

"Smilebox was founded in 2005 by a group of optimists with a lofty mission: joy is one of the world's most important renewable resources, and it's our passion to help people share it. Connecting friends and family, sharing life's special moments big and small – what's more important than that?

Together our team of talented and wacky folks work tirelessly to find new, interesting and inspired ways for you to share your treasured photos and videos with family and friends.

We could go on forever, but you need to stop reading and go make an awesome Smilebox for your favorite people in the world. Make us proud. Share the love and the smiles."

"In August 2011, Smilebox was acquired by Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: PERI). Smilebox will continue to focus on its lofty mission." (SMILEBOX.COM)

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PhotosbyNathanW.com and its affiliates are teaming up with The Lakeland Shooters, (click link) a 501c3 non-profit organization which focuses on the aspired photographers of the area. Its free to join! There are weekly and monthly meetups for those who wish to improve your photography skills and meetup with some very cool and awesome photographers in our area! We are always taking new members and we love our members! This is where we professionals learn from other professionals, and educate others on how to shoot your photographs, and also get FREE editiing classes at Kieser College in Lakeland FL.

So come join us and take part in something of a new family with PhotosbyNathanW.com! "Don't just take a picture, CAPTURE LIFE!"™


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NOTICE OF TERMS https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2012/12/notice-of-terms I'm very thankful that God looks out for me. I must take this time to make an announcement regardless of who is affected by it, because i have people working for me now and that rely on me. Due to circumstances, I cannot base on word for booking from this point on to make payment on day of shoot. I just can't afford to book for someone and pay people to come and reserve that date, then have the person not show up, cancel on the day of or even a few hours before to the day before. I from this point will ask for 50% down to book and the remaining part of the sitting fee due 3 days before the shoot. I keep my prices low and affordable so everyone can enjoy a memory forever without having to pay an arm and a leg, then have to worry about the prints. This is not the first time someone has pulled out but it is the last. I'm really sorry more than you will ever know to sound harsh and it hurts me more to even write this and makes me sick to my stomach, but I have to because now i'm running a business and i have people who also have kids and families and bills of their own to worry about. My phone is turned off because i was not able to pay the bills because i have to pay the people who work for me.

Any agreement rather online via facebook or email is legal and binding. Confirmation to agreement and terms are kept on file and followed through with if such case there is a know show and you accept full terms of the agreement which will be posted immediately on my documents download page. A reminder email will be generated either by me or a member of my staff as a courtesy reminder of date, place and time of the booking with all details.

I care about my friends and family, but i have to run my business as well as pay my own bills. So I pray that everyone will understand that this is my living. I am just one of many many photographers who do what we do because to see the smile on people's faces and joy is the most rewarding to us and there is nothing like that feeling of seeing someone cry so much because of how much they mean to them. Its why i fell in love with Photography.

If you have anyone who needs portraits done, sr. pictures, family portraits, anything and everything, please allow me the opportunity to bless you so that i can share in your joy. I would be humbled and honored.

Thanks to all those who have supported me. It means more than you know to me, and now to my team.

God Bless and please everyone stay well and safe during this holiday season.

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Don't Be Worn, Wear it! The NEW Carry Speed Pro https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2012/11/dont-be-worn-wear-it-the-new-carry-speed-pro

©2012 PhotosbyNathanW.com- PhotoPlus Expo 2012	Built right in his own garage, Tim Hsu had an amazing idea to build a strap that would not only be comfortable, but also reliable, safe, and that would not get in the way. Also, who wants to bother with detaching their camera from their strap or hook on the bottom of the camera, then attaching a mount so that you can put it onto a tripod?!? In the time you do all that work, I could have made 3 batches of cookies and set out milk for Santa! It's just plain and simply ridiculous to overwork yourself. With this in mind, Tim went to work to design a device that would not only function well, but protect your camera, help prevent sling and movement when the camera should not be moving, give the photographer a "quick-draw" type of feel, and as well, allow the photographer be be comfortable while wearing the camera.




This strap is meant for both men and women. I have in fact never met a woman so satisfied in my life as much as all the women at the PhotoPlus Expo 2012.  I mention this because on my Hubpages blog (http://nlwaters01.hubpages.com) because a lady made a sligh comment that came out pretty sexist and bias. Nonetheless, if she would have tried this strap on for herself, she would clearly have been impressed and immediately bought the strap not just for herself, but as well for her friends and family.

CarrySpeed has only been out for a little over a year now. The strap before was a hook screw and came with a harness type of fixture that would wrap under your arm for that safety and comfort feeling. In fact, it was the day before the final day of the Sun n' Fun Fly-in here in Florida that I recieved it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use it the day it came in because of course, I was at the convention at the time. Nonetheless, CarrySpeed gave me that extreme comfort and reliability, as well as the quick-draw that I needed to easily reach down and grab my shots.

The new design for the FS-Pro was just recently released on August 16th, 2012. Complete with an ultra wide neoprene shoulder pad with breather support on the back offers almost naked comfort with the "ALL GRIP, NON SLIP" material.





Also, the mounting plate is a complete new design that folds, allowing easy fit into any camera bag or case with the ARCA SWISS Quick Release. This system is a ball locking type connector that in terlocks with the camera strap, then screws to lock it into place for ultimate security to make sure your camera/lens doesn't go anywhere!




There have been already thousands of buyers that are literally throwing their old Rapid Fire straps away into the trash! No Kidding! Its a remarkable sight to hear someone selling them say it with a can full of them, but to actually "see" it with your own eyes is surreal! If you don't believe me, right below the tripod under the dude's arm that is pointing is a trashcan full of camera straps. Why are they doing this? Duh; because no other strap can deliver the comfort, the ease, the quality and durability, as well as the functionality to go from mobile to tripod/monopod, and then back to mobile like the CarrySpeed system. It is specifically designed for the ideal professional photographer that needs to be able to draw, aim, and snap with the ease of less than a second. In the field, you don't have time to try to figure out what is going on or to think about the shot.


Now with all this being said, you're probably asking yourself the big question of, "HOW MUCH?" Well depending on when you read this article, I could easily throw a price up, or just give you the link so you can watch all the videos for yourself. The CS-Pro Mark II that I have is around $70. But there are several different options that you can take a look at for yourself. I can guarantee, that if you order this strap, you will NOT regret it. People say that you should never put anything in all CAPS. But hey, THIS IS MY BLOG! lol.

I have to take this moment to speak about Tim Hsu. He is by far one of the kindest and gentlest people that I have met. He has that tone and character that displays love and devotion to each and every person that he meets. Not only is he a great guy, but an amazing husband to his wife who was also at the PhotoPlus Expo 2012 Convention. I am humbled to have met such an individual and I hope that I can be friends with him and support his product years to come. Its one thing to sale something, but when you do it with humility and compassion, you're not even having to sell the product anymore, because it sells itself through your character and compassion. I know without a doubt that he backs his product 100% and his personality, smile and heart gives me the confidence in his product to want to share it with everyone that I know. Thanks, Tim!

I truly hope that you will not pass this up because it is and will be by far your best investment. I look forward to meeting you all as you wear your strap and testify that this strap was by far better than I could have described it.

Overall Rating: I give this piece of equipment 4.5 of 5.
Explanation: I loved the previous CarrySpeed strap that I had before. It had a padded cushion strap with a zip pocket to hold either an SD Card, or maybe a little cash if I don't carry my wallet to grab something to drink at a convention, show, or game. I also liked the fact that the previous version had a wrap around harness that comfortably made me feel like if I didn't have it, it had me. So I could rest knowing that at anytime, i could release the snap-connector.

I would like to again take this time to say "Thank-you" to you my readers. Its you who I write for and want to keep up-to-date on the latest and upcoming trends and technologies in the world of multimedia and communications. Please subscribe to my blog and keep me informed on something you might like to know more about and I'll work my resources and make the calls to get you the info that you need. So I guess, that's that!


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ITS ZENFOLIO!! https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2012/11/its-zenfolio

Ever wanted a website that gives you the tools and resources to run a business, all in one place? Zenfolio is that ideal place you can do just about everything! From hosting, to management, selling services and products, and client interaction and communications, Zenfolio pretty much covers the bases to make sure you look like a shiny new pearl!

I met with the marketing team while I was in New York City, New York, for the PhotoPlus Expo 2012 Convention this past October. I was definitely interested in the company, but could not really get enough information unless I had experienced it. I walked away with doubts due to the fact that they did not offer telephone customer service and handled everything online via email.

Now after getting back and contacting them again directly to do a full review on products and services, I'm beginning to see exactly why so many people choose Zenfolio.com.

Stay Tuned as i continuously update my blog on the features and experience of Zenfolio.com.


Click on the Link above and Use referral code HU9-6Y1-PSY to recieve a 10% discount in the Gift, Promotional, or Referral Code field at checkout!!


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Now Open for Business! https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2012/11/now-open-for-business Welcome to PhotosbyNathanW.com!

We are now open for business! I am proud to announce the upcoming plans for my studio and photography plans. I have hired a team of professionals as well as other soon to be professionals as I train them in the world of photography and running a business. Its such a pleasure and honor to welcome aboard these ladies who have so graciously given me their commitment to not only have faith in me, but also to learn and gain experience in the professional world. We are only on the ground floor and ready to move forward.

At PhotosbyNathanW.com, we specialize in all photography genres such as modeling, fashion, boudoir, landscape, commercial, family portraits, kids, pet portraits, sporting events, concerts, senior portraits, school events, graduation, glamour, engagements, weddings, anniversaries,... (breath) and the list just keeps going. We also can do music videos, live sessions, interviews, restaurant, company, and product reviews (both editorial and video). Whatever your needs are and may be, we have you covered.

With over 15 years in Customer service, and 15+ years in photography, I took it to the next level and began flying in 2002. My goal at that time was to exceed what others told me that I could and would never achieve. I took my first solo in July of 2002 at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, in Lakeland Florida under my flight instructer, Dean McGuinnes. I also solo'd at an uncontrolled field in Winter Haven, Florida, at Winter Haven Municipal Airport. With this education under my belt I found that it was time that I again, take it a step further and go to college. In January of 2005, I embarked on a journey that would lead me into becoming a whole new man and person that I have now become. Southeastern University of the Assemblies of God in Lakeland Florida, became more than just a school; it became my home and solitude escape where i had people who loved me and supported me in all my endeavors, encouraging me to be not just a role model, but a servant leader. At the time, it was Dr. Mark Rutland who was the president of the college, who took it into University status the following year in 2006. 

At Southeastern, I began my education in learning what it was to be a true Christian, and understanding that its only Christ that sets me apart from the rest. I took up my major in Communications, focusing in broadcasting and film because I did not want to miss out on anything that was meant for me later on down the road. It was my mission to gain the education and experience to produce commercials, films, documentaries, videos, shows and programs that would focus on the underdogs of our world. God gave me the heart to love people and share my love and passion with those around me. I learned how to structure my content and develop stories and screen-plays, films, and direct television programming in a manner that was serving to those who I direct, and not just "bossy." This gave me the skills and talent i have now to train almost anyone in television and film.

I was also the starting promotional director for WSEU-Southeastern Radio during its birth in 2008-2009. It was something that I was not sure about but for some reason, God put it in my path, knowing i would need it. I recognize when things are put in front of me and I take the opportunity because marketing and promotions was something I knew I could handle, because i talk way too much and I love people. Promotional advertisement taught me a little more about demographics and psychology, as well as brought into focus a little about the classes I had taken in Psychology, Human Services, Sociology, and Ethics. With all of this, I was well on my way through my direction in communications. I later took Cinematography, quite a few video and editing classes, tons more film and production classes, including basic photography just in case i missed something. I have trained a large number of camera operators and others in production and acting, modeling, and overall reading scripts.

The first phase has already been taken place. I have teamed up with numerous printing companies, camera equipment inventors, website hosts, domain sellers, and various hardware and software companies, to bring you the best and highest quality of service in this professional world. I will be reviewing tons of new equipment in the world of photography and video, which should help you make a decision and lean you in the right direction of making the best and wisest purchases.

Also, please keep in mind that my partnerships with these companies by no means defines my reviews, nor will they negotiate. I will state all my likes and dislikes, as well as pros and cons of each and every product. I will review how each of the issues are handled and the turn-around time in which any and all issues are or are not resolved, the outcome, and possible improvements that could be made. I will report on the improvements that have been made and address any and all concerns brought to my attention.

If you have any comments or concerns, i urge you, my readers, and the customers/clients of the manufacturers to contact me so that I may report on it and/or evaluate it and do my best to make the experience better for both you and everyone else as I work with the companies to help them as well improve their products.

If you leave comments, please be respectful and handle anything and everything respectfully and professionally. Any obscene language or attacks will be deleted. We are here for each other and I want to help both you and the companies improve on things that are out of order. I have directed the companies towards my blogs and they will keep up with them and all comments left to address your concerns and comments as necessary.

Well, its late, and i am exhausted. I hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving, and will be safe as you shop on Black Friday. Stay tuned in for updates, discounts on my packages and services, and products as they are made available to us.


Nathan Waters


"Capture Life!"™

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PhotoPlus Expo 2012 Reviews- Sony VG-30 Handycam https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2012/10/photoplus-expo-2012-reviews--sony-vg-30-handycam



Sony VG-30 Handycam

The only thing that actually sets this back in my opinion however is the body. It does have a slick design, but Sony has not yet come out with a body that is water resistant or that can handle weather. So when I asked them about the chances of coming out with one, their response was they don't see anything anytime soon. With all this power and technology, i would like to think that for a field camera, they would have some sort of seals that would prevent moisture. It is a field camera afterall. So if you do want that extra protection, you should probably check out a third-party resource that makes protective gear. It might actually be your best option. Since more can sometimes be less, Sony should probably stick to what they are good at, which is making good quality cameras, and let those who make protective gear do what they do best, and gaurantee your product with a raincoat of some sort.

From cameras, to tripods, video cameras, cleaners, websites, marketing tools, and training, the PhotoPlus Expo has it all! Today was packed and powered with the most innovative and newest devices on the market, packed with the functionality to make even the most amateur how the power of heaven on Earth.

First off, Sony is definitely not someone to mess with. Their newest innovations and technology with engineers have brought forth two cameras that will change the way people think about Sony. Starting with the Sony VG-30 Handycam,

Sony has now started selling the new Sony VG-30 HandyCam. Its quoted by Phil Bouchillon, Sr. Product Manager at Sony Headquarters in San Diego, California, to be one of the best leading "pro-sumer" products on the market. Phil has been with the company now for six years, and is present to demo the VG-30 this year. It's a light, easy to use camera with all the power of your high-end cameras with less worry because of the automatic functions built right in.

So what are some of the benefits to the VG-30? Well, from a full fledged 16.1 megapixel Exmor® APS CMOS sensor to give an unbelievable depth-of-field, interchangeable lenses, and the incredible audio capturing capability in full Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound with its Quad Capsule Spatial Array Microphone, to extensive manual controls that don't overkill the user with too many buttons, this camera is set to make the beginning consumer feel like a professional.

The feel and handling is also a significant feature when it comes to the end-user and professional use. From the weight to the design, it has what feels like almost ergonomic control. It feels like home in your hands as I would say. And not many cameras have that feature. Its not going to sit there and massage your hand and talk to you, but in another sense, it does seem to have that whisper of care that says, "it's okay, I got this." 

When it comes to the resolution, the NEX-VG30 offers HD video in 60p and 30p recording capabilities, giving you amazing true-color film-like cinematic effects with Cinema Tone Gamma™, as well as the incredible Cinema Tone Color™. As far as the effects go, this just ads to the true quality that you can produce right in production, using products from Apple, Sony, or Adobe.

To partner off this already beautiful piece, Sony decided to bless you with the 18-200mm (F3.5-6.3) wide range 11x powered zoom lens with autofocus and Optical SteadyShot™stabilization with Active Mode for your stable, less shaky and stable images. It has a variable rate of focus and zoom in more than 8 steps for impressively fluid movements in your professional zoom effects.

I will be looking around, so stay up-to-date on my blog and I'll fill you in on what facinating and advanced protective wear is offered by some of the manufacturers here at the PhotoPlus Expo 2012, here in New York City, New York.

[email protected] (NWPhotoVideo.com - Professional Photography by Nathan Waters, Jacksonville FL) camera cameras canon discounts domains education film hobbies hosting interests international javis javiscenter lighting marketing new newyork newyorkcity nikon photography photoplus photoplusexpo photos photosbynathanw.com portfolio ppa products sales services sony stores vg-30 handycam webhosting webpage webpages websites welcome https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2012/10/photoplus-expo-2012-reviews--sony-vg-30-handycam Tue, 30 Oct 2012 02:50:00 GMT
PhotoPlus Expo 2012-Introduction https://www.nwphotovideo.com/blog/2012/10/photoplus-expo-2012-introduction So with all the hype of photography in today's world, we are constantly trying to be sold merchandise that might make life a little easier, but yet it's not something that we really need. I am here at the annual PhotoPlus Expo 2012 in New York, NY. Yesterday was the day that everyone was in such a rush to get up and running that I really didn't bother to ask anything because when it comes down to the wire, it was a better idea to get them as they were prepared to "sell" me on what their company and/or product had to offer.

The PhotoPlus Expo is now open and in full operation. From Sony, to Sigma, to Canon and Nikon, including many other vendors and manufacturers, everyone is in it to win it. "It" being the number one manufacturer with the most sales and customer satisfaction. Not everyone here is a video editor or a film student. Some are just getting into the business as well as their fascination with the industry is new and still needs that polish and shine that only knowledge and training can get them.

Many of the reviews here at the PhotoPlus Expo will be for the younger generations and educators who are the inspirations and motivators in the industry. With technology changing everyday, sometimes "more" can be worse. Not every student needs the high end camera, and not every journalist needs a camera that talks to you and says, "bless you" when you sneeze! I would not put it past any of them to have a camera fetch the paper in the next 30 years, but its highly unlikely.

One of the major benefits of this conference is the benefits of educational knowledge in the seminars that is offered by Canon, Nikon, B&H Photo, Sony, David LaChapelle, Steven Shore, and James Balog. Such Seminars will cover secrets in action photography, wedding and portraits, Family Portraits, Studio and Location Electronic Flash for Natural-Light Photographers and many other seminars that are focused on the feel and image of your subject. There will also be seminars on marketing and management as a photographer of your own studio, how to get a studio going, and maintain an audience for your portraits long after the shoot is done, and most importantly, how to keep your clients always coming to you.

As I am here, I encourage any of my viewers and readers to subscribe to my new blog channel and let me know who you would like me to visit or get information on. You all as my audience are the ones I aim to help and get you information as it comes. Thanks for reading and again... FEEDBACK!!

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