In each of our lives, there are sacred moments that will never be forgotten. One of these moments is the engagement of One man, to a woman. 

This very sacred moment is the seed to a new adventure, and possibly, the beginning of a new story. 

It's very important to pick a photographer that can preserve your moments in the best light and know how to create those magical moments, and capture them as it is happening. 

When you book your session, I will collaborate with you and stick with you, with suggesting everything and provide the resources to make your special moment become a reality. 

Whether this is an after the fact photoshoot, or if you choose an on the spot session where me and my team capture the entire thing as a full production. 

We will capture the full event, and will work with you to hide everything from your partner, and they won't know what is happening until it happens. 

If you choose an all inclusive package, we will handle everything, from the location to the event planning, decorations, props, catered dinner on-location, or dining experience, and then, the full presentation of engagement, where we create a magical surreal experience. 

We handle everything from the lighting to the environment, and the photography and video, 

Let us photograph, produce, and plan your event. We work with all budgets.  Book your Consultation Today!