There are always questions related to contracting a photographer for hire. I have come up with a list of questions as well as recommendations to help you with some of these questions that you may have. Photographers live based on the photo shoots we get because its our bread and butter, it IS our career. The money that you make at your job or workplace is dealt with by your company who figures in each employees cost-of-living as well as the cost of doing business (CODB) expenses.

I will be answering some of your questions about what to wear, when to expect your pictures, contracting, events, portraits, and other questions you might have for me, including pricing.


Frequently asked questions:

1. How much?

A: Well, each person is different because I try to base the amount of work done on your personal budgets and the type of photography that you want done. My sitting fee to book the date is for a 1 hour portrait session $65-$600 (depending on session type)** non-refundable deposit. This is due up front. For Locations outside the radius of 30 miles there are some fees (see #5).  I mean if its like 5 more miles, I won't make a big fuss out of it. I have to take this as the deposit because so many people flake out or make excuses just so they either don't have to pay, or don't have the money to pay, and simply don't even call, email, or bother showing up. This is by far rude and unacceptable. So there I am, waiting at the location for the person to show for half an hour and they don't even show, forgetting that I also have expenses just to crank-up my car, book the studio time, as well as pay anyone to be my assistant for their time and effort.

Not only that, but the editing on your photographs can take anywhere from hours to days and up to 3 weeks. This is because of the amount of quality that I invest in time for your photographs. All together, you are receiving the best quality work produced with super expensive programs, and special rates with some of the top best printing companies (I don't do Walgreens or Walmart. You're worth more than that and so are your memories).

For your convenience I do offer payment plans with 50%  (or deposit) due upfront, and the other 50% (or remaining balance) due the day of the shoot. Your proofs in the viewing album will not be posted UNTIL your full balance is paid as yes, I will be holding them hostage for ransom of "1 Billion Dollars!" (Austin Powers Metaphor). No seriously, it will just be your remaining balance. 

>NOTE: Payments may be made via paypal, Square in person at consultation by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), Check card with Visa or MasterCard logo, Amscot Money Order, Bank Cashiers Check, or Cash.



2. What should I wear?

A: Quite frankly, that is all up to you!, Make sure that whatever you wear has the theme to match the feel of either who you are, or adds flavor to the them of the place that you have chosen. For families, try to match or have a theme going that links you all together. Feel free to make your own props that adds uniqueness to you and your family. Also, family pets could be something that really ties you and your family together. If you do a family portrait, I consider your pet a part of the family, so I will do a few individual shots of each member of your family.

3. What types of photographs will be taken?

For a typical family shoot:

A: Such shots include:

1. Husband and wife (or boyfriend and girlfriend) (Couple)

2. Full family shots

3. individual shots of each member of the family (if under 8 plus 1 pet)

4. Sibling group shot (a shot of the boys in family, a shot of just the girls)

5. Sons with Father/Mother, Daughters with Father/Mother

6. Goofy and candid shots

7. 1 group shot of me with the family on set timer for my pasttimes album collection. (Yes, even I like to have memories, Go figure.)

8. A special unique photo of things that describes each of you as a personal keep sake arranged together in a pattern that ties you all together. It might also include a front side picture of your house, or a wide shot of the entrance to the location of where you chose to have your shoot done.  But its the one or two pictures that ties you together as a family.


Note: If you have a specific type of photo frame you find, please let me know and i will customize your package to get the size prints that you want and need to fill the custom frame.  (How many photographers will do that for you?)


4. What can I order and are there any special orders that I can make and be included in my package at a discount rate if i order at once?


A: Of course! I offer plaques, keychains, coffee mugs and flasks, shirts, mousepads, magnets, 1 sheet large calender, 12-month calenders, 2 year Calenders (pending), iPhone cases, metal frame plates from Metal, Magazine pages, Contact cards, Business cards, Canvas prints, holiday gift items, invitations, greeting cards, beer steins, wine glasses, albums, etc.

If you would like more info on special orders and discounts on these to be included in your package to be included on your order, simply ask. The only dumb question is the one not asked.  I'm here for you!

B. Packages are fully customizable. I sometimes throw in a few extras as a gift complimentary from me just to say, "Thank-you!"

C. My packages start off at $150 (include sitting fee and go up from there. Trust me; I make sure you have well enough prints to make a complete package that will meet your needs with a few extras.


5. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Q: What are locations that I can shoot and do you charge extra based on location?

A:  Each location must be within 30 miles of Downtown Jacksonville, FL. I will shoot anywhere of your choice. I'm very new to this area so I'm not very familiar with Jacksonville, yet. I might need your help looking for places to go. If the location is a few more miles out, I don't mind if its a great location.

B: I do charge a small fee if the location is outside the radius and travel time:


In county: $20

Radius of:

Greater than: (<)

45-80 miles:    $65

80-125 miles:  $125

Other: Call for estimates.

6. What types of photography do you do?

A: I do it all.

Family, Engagement, sports, reunions, events, concerts, graduation, ceremonies, recitals, modeling, portrait, passport, fashion, commercial, food, nightlife, landscape, aerial photography, bodypaint, etc.

7. I want to become a photographer. What should I buy and what am I looking for?

I will soon be offering classes on photography. I would strongly recommend an SLR digital camera. There are hundreds of cameras you could buy, but its really up to how you are planning to use the camera. Just because you have a camera, does NOT make you a photographer. You are a shutterbug or picture-taker.

To become a photographer requires a lot of time, money, effort and energy, and education. There are fundamentals that people don't have and think that just taking a picture makes you a photographer. WRONG!!!

In my classes, I will teach you everything from composition, basic editing skills, framing, lighting, and other scenarios that you can't learn in just a basic photography class because i go way beyond photography into cinematography, video, directing, producing films, videos, and photoshoots, screenwriting, and many other skills in visual arts.

If anything, I can refer you to places I know of that will teach you photography.

NOTE: If you enroll in my classes, I will give you special prices only available through me and help you to find a website host, getting your .com domain, and as well as getting package deals from manufacturers and inventors to help save you time and money.

Books will be included in the tuition price as it will save you more money if I purchase for the class in bulk. If you are a late arrival, it will be up to you to purchase the book on your own.

TUITION: $450 for a 5-week class, 1 day per week. Each class you will have an assignment and we will be going on a couple field trips within the Lakeland area. I will be bringing in models, as well as a few special guests to speak and have been in the industry for years. Please take advantage now. Classes will be starting soon!


If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask! Shoot me an email through the contacts page or message me on Facebook. (clickable link)