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75F76258-61F4-417A-B190-1DE70BC9A9F775F76258-61F4-417A-B190-1DE70BC9A9F7Photo captured by Kaitlyn Gibbs @carv.co_photography

Thanks For checking out NWPHOTOVIDEO! First off, let me take the time to let you know that all your photos are backed up and guaranteed for 5 years. It is not just a privilege, but also an honor to be considered as your photographer for your special occasion. I understand that these moments only come once, and cannot be redone over, so to get clear quality sharp images with products that are guaranteed to last a lifetime is my priority. Otherwise, why do the shoot at all? 

Let's be honest with each other; You and I both know that your camera phone doesn't quite cut it anymore, and even your friend that has that fancy camera still has no clue how to use it. They don't understand anything past the automatic setting and some images are super blown out, or catch you blinking, or even have pretty bad angles. 

The below pricing compensates me for over 27 years and hundreds of thousands of hours of studying my craft, learning techniques, schooling, workshops, going to the top conventions and expos around the country such as PhotoPlus Expo in New York City, IMAGING USA in Nashville, and INFOCOMM (Various Locations), to meet the top vendors and equipment manufacturers, networking with the worlds leading photographers, film directors, and producers, as well as finding the highest quality products from professional photo labs that are far better and beyond what you can buy at your local retail chain photo-lab. After all, You and your memories are worth way more than that, so should also the quality of your prints.

I use the best equipment, the best software, and all my knowledge to make quality images that you will love. And, the shoot is not over even if you book an hour, ... you only pay for that time as agreed to. I will shoot as many images as it takes, so there are atleast 4-7 of every shot, just in case you sneeze, someones hair is off, someone blinks or looks away, or whatever the case may be.

I work with you before hand on the package and the theme, and we go from there. I have a consultation with you after its all done to sit down and have the ordering session. But no worries- If you can't make the session, I can upload them to your very own page and you can proof them right there in the privacy of your own home. 

Upon final payment, Your order will be made and all products will arrive within 7-14 business Days for all special orders, and within  7-business days of proofing and/or ordering, right to your door step. Its easy, quick, and pain free. Some packages do include free rush processing and/or free rush shipping via FED EX, UPS, or USPS (Depends on the lab and where the order comes from).

All Shoots are agreed upon via written terms and conditions contract agreement with an invoice which repeats that agreement and signed by both parties, then scanned and emailed to you. 

​Feel free to check out the reviews on my Facebook page, or go to the testimonials page of this site to read what others had to say.

Also, if you have any suggestions or would like to customize a package, or even omit a number of products to substitute for another product you see in the catalog, you are more than welcome to request. If there is a difference, the price will be adjusted slightly to counter for that difference based on significance, and you will receive that product, or number of products instead. 

So feel free at anytime to CONTACT ME with any questions you may have. You can all checkout the Frequently Asked Questions page. See F.A.Q.

Thanks again for this opportunity to work with you, and remember,... "Don't just take a picture; CAPTURE LIFE!"™


(Prices based on local area radius of 35 miles of Downtown Jacksonville.)

A consultation is required and included with each photoshoot. GIFT CERTIFICATES NOW AVAILABLE!




Apple_Pay_Payment_MarkApple_Pay_Payment_MarkAPPLE PAY AVAILABLE HERE


bdg_secured_by_pp_2linebdg_secured_by_pp_2lineAll Transactions online are secured through PayPal. Inquire for Details. AM_mc_vs_dc_aeAM_mc_vs_dc_ae





$325-30 Minutes- 5 Photos
$450-750 (On-Location) 1 Hours



For a general Individual or couples portrait session, the deposit varies by package to book for a one hour appointment . Location may be within 35 miles of Downtown Jacksonville Area. The average sitting Fee total is $225. This is also the price for a minimum package bottom tier engagement session.


(All images on disc, USB,  and/or download contain small corner resolution watermarks and are for social media and digital sharing. Watermark may not be removed under any circumstances under 1976 United States Copyright Law and all rights are reserved to sole property of photographer/studio.)

Seasonal Mini-Sessions (30 mins) Start at $150. This is only the sitting fee to take the photos and edit them. Proofs are not released until full balance is paid.  ($75 deposit due up front to book date).  

Note: May include up to 2 pets for additional minimum $25 (fee based on size of pets). 

Mini Session includes: (2-adult or 4-child maximum)

  • Custom Printed CD/DVD with 7 Edited Images
    (Watermarked Large Resolution for Social Media Sharing)
  • 30-minute session
  • Secure Online Print Viewing/Proofing Album
  • Free Shipping
  • (2) 8x10
  • (1) 5x7
  • (2) 4x6
  • (8) Mini-Wallets
  • 15% off discount additional items in Purchase List.




GENERAL PACKAGE: 1 (Enagement Couples Session/
Family Package with 5 people or less)

May Include Pets for additional $25
Pet Option Includes
Extra 30 mins

  • (1) 8x10
  • (2) 5x7
  • (4) 4x6
  • (8) Wallets 

Family Session- $250 1- HOUR SESSION ($150 Downpayment/Deposit Required)

Engagements- $395 2-Hour Session
*(Plus 7% Sales Tax)

  • One or Two-Hour Photo Session (Whichever option package you choose
  • Online Proofing Album
  • Online Instant Ordering
  • 1 11x14
  • 4 8x10
  • 2 5x7
  • 10 4x6
  • 15 Edited Images on DVD/Download (For Social Media Sharing, May Purchase Printing Rights for additional $25 per image)
  • 4 Wallet Prints (2x3)
  • 8 Mini Wallets
  • BONUS: 2 keychain flashlights 
    with wallet size image (2x3)

    Family Keychain FlashlightFamily Keychain FlashlightKeychain Flashlight on Sale at
    The Salata Family
    Lisa, Jake, Jackson, Kindell


*Custom printed CD/DVD with printing rights of all images may be purchased as optional add-on for $350. If you wish to only purchase the edited images included in the package, you can do so also based on the number of prints which varies from $65-$150 (Download option also available. Note* Will only appear after a package has been purchased and sitting fee has been paid in full).
**Proofs WILL NOT be published or released until full sitting fee amount has been paid.


Package 2: $385.95 (7 People or Less with Optional Pets)
*(Plus 7% Sales Tax)
($125 Downpayment/Deposit Required) See FAQ

Bronze: Winter - One Hour Session


  • Sitting Fee
  • CD or Download of 10 Favorite
    (For Social Media Sharing, May purchase Printing Rights for additional $25)
  • Online Proofing Album
  • 1 11x14
  • 3 8x10's
  • 4 5x7's
  • 12 4x6's
  • 16 wallets (2x3)
  • 2 Bonus Keychain Flashlights
    Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 7.25.58 AMScreen Shot 2014-09-21 at 7.25.58 AM

    *Discounted Print Release available for an extra $150 (Save $200)


Package 3: Silver Package
$449.97 (Price Includes Sitting Fee)

*(Plus 7% Sales Tax, $125 Downpayment Booking Deposit)


  • CD or Download of Top 15 Images
    (With Social Media Sharing Release)
  • Sitting Fee 
  • Online 24/7 Proof Viewing
  • Online Instant Ordering
  • Priority Print Processing and Rush Shipping
    (3-10 Business Days based on package contents)
  • NEW ITEM ADDED!!- 1 8x12 Aluminum Print
  • 2 12x18 Large Premium Print
  • 4 8x10 Prints
  • 5 5x7 Prints
  • 25 4x6 Prints
  • 16 Bonus Wallets (2x3)
  • Bonus: 4 Keychain Flashlights

    mpix-key-chain-light-smmpix-key-chain-light-smKeychain Flashlight with 2x3 Image *Print available in B&W, Color, or Fuji Pearl Professional Color
    *Discounted Print Release can be purchased for only $100 (Save $250)

Package 4-Friends & Family: Silver Package Plus+
$550.95 (Price includes sitting fee)-

*(Plus 7% Sales Tax, $125 Downpayment Booking Deposit)


  • Sitting Fee
  • Online Proofing/Online Instant Ordering
  • Free Shipping
  • CD or Download with Top 25+ Edited Shots (Social Media Sharing rights)
  • (1) 8x12 Aluminum Print
  • (1) 16x24 Print
  • (1) 12x18 Prints
  • (2) 11x14 Prints
  • (5) 8x10 Prints
  • (10) 5x7 Prints
  • (25) 4x6 Prints
  • (12) wallets
  • (16) mini wallets
  • (5) Keychain Flashlights with Photo
  • (1) 8.5"x11" Custom Hard Cover Photo book/Album
  • (2) Black Coffee Mug

Package 5: Gold Capture Life Package
$725.95 (price includes sitting fee)- Up to 2 hours

*(Plus 7% Sales Tax, $125 Downpayment Booking Deposit)



  • Sitting Fee
  • Online Proofing
  • Online Instant Ordering
  • CD/DVD or Download with Top Edited 50+ Shots
  • 1 20x24 Canvas Gallery Print (Main Room Wall Masterpiece)
    (Info: Images are printed on an 16" x 24" premier art canvas and professionally wrapped around a 1.5" thick wooden stretcher frame. This canvas gallery wrap arrives as a finished product ready to hang.)
  • 1 Custom Photobook Album
  • 1 16x24 Large Print
  • 2 11x14 Large Prints
  • 2 Coffee Mugs (11 oz)
    (1) White + (1) Magic Mug
    or Stainless Steel 20oz Silver Water Bottle
    (Also available in White)
  • 1 11x14 Aluminum Art Metal Print
    Using a dye-sublimation process, the inks are infused directly into the specially coated Chromaluxe aluminum sheets, using high temperature and pressure. The result is a vibrant color, durable prints without glass, waterproof imaging solution.
  • 12 8x10 Premium Prints
  • 10 5x7 Premium Prints
  • 50 4x6 Premium Prints (May also option for 4x5 or Square Prints)
  • 24 Wallet Prints (2x3in.)
  • Bonus!!!:
    Optional Print Size Customization for Room Interior Layout Design
    16 mini-wallets (to give away to friends)
    (4-10) Keychain Flashlights with 2x3in Photo (Number of people in Single Family Shoot)

Add photo Album to any package for only $75!!


Signature Gold Plus+ Package  (ASK FOR DETAILS)


Signature Platinum Package (ASK FOR DETAILS)


Concerts: Fees and prints may vary depending on the venue and licensing. Booking Fee $550-$3500


Commercial and Product Photography: 

Inquire for pricing and consultation


Video: (Inquire for Pricing) Includes shooting, editing, Titles, audio mixing and mastering and release via social media.


Body by ViSalus Flashmob 2012Flashmob event at Lakeside Village Mall in Lakeland Florida. I produced, directed, organized, and edited this video. I used 2 other camera operators other than myself.

Note: Watermark and images may not removed, cropped, tampered or altered in any manner for any matter or manner. Images may be requested for purpose of publication if necessary and photographer will handle matter in a timely manner. Please give up to 3-5 weeks atleast notice for photographer to properly prepare files, consent and release forms for legality purposes. All Images are ©PhotosbyNathanW.com. All Rights Reserved.


Models: $500-$10,000 for individual non-agency represented (Depending on Package and Destination). If you need a hairstylist/mua session (info pending), there is an extra $50-100 charge to pay expenses and time for the makeup artist and a $50.00 booking fee. Certain Conditions may apply. Includes a downloads via online or directly on disk with watermark and release for top 25 edits for your own personal promotion and uses in up to 8.5x11 Resolution.  Enlargements only available through Photographer. Proofs and edits are NOT released until full balance is paid. Print Duplication Release for All Shoots with Contact Cards. (Contact for more info and consultation)

**Please allow 1-2 weeks for editing for proofs to be displayed. Shipping depends on your preference and takes generally one week from date of purchase and order unless package includes free rush shipping)



***All custom Signature Limited Edition prints may be purchased and requested for bands, musicians, and promotional/commercial clients. Shipping for prints is NEXT DAY FED EX shipping. Prices start at $165. Each product of Signature series is printed on Fuji Professional Pearl with Lustre coating and Linen texture. Mounting and framing is also available. 


Sailor1942Pentad1Sig-EditSailor1942Pentad1Sig-Edit"Sailor, 1942" LIVE! @ Evolution Records
Thursday, March 27th, 2014
(c)2014 PhotosbyNathanW.com
All Rights Reserved.



Print Packages range from $225 and up.  Packages are customizable and Layout designs are available. (SEE FAQ PAGE)


The deposit is due upfront and no proofs will be released until balance is paid in full.