Terms and Conditions- All Sessions with Animals


Disclaimer:  All bookings are non-refundable and must be paid in advance. You have up until 24 hours before the scheduled session to reschedule to keep your session fee reserved. All no-call no-shows are subject to full payment and is not refundable. 

All Bookings must be made at-least 3 days in Advance. You may contact the photographer/studio and ask if they can fit you in. If it is a possibility, then we would absolutely love to make those accommodations. 

Each Session is reserved for only up to 2 Children ages 5 and under.

Please arrive 15-minutes early to your session and do not approach photographer or other clients while photographer and clients are in session. This is for the full attention required by the photographer and parents, as well as the safety of the children and the animals involved. 

If your child is not able to calmly handle animals during the session, at the discretion of the photographer, your session immediately end and will be rescheduled for a later date and the photographer reserves the right to stop the shoot if it is putting the child or animals in harms way. 

If your child accidentally or purposely harms the animal(s), you agree to be held liable for the injuries and/or death of the animals which includes any vet bills and the cost of the ducks, as well as bear the cost of all sessions cancelled/rescheduled for that day with full disclosure. 

So please work with your child and teach them handling skills with other animals, stuffed animals, and baby animals way before hand. (For my daughter, we call it "gentle". She knows the word and is very sweet and cautious when dealing with little animals and is never forceful. This takes time and every child is different. So, please, for the well-being of your child and the animals, work with them before hand, and not the day of or days before the shoot as it will not go over well, and I will exercise my full right and authority to end the shoot and reschedule to ensure a good session for all those involved, and mostly, for the safety of the animals. 

I will not argue with you over this. Its not that big of a deal, so please don't make it one in public or in front of your children. Children are children and we can always rebook and it will be a much more enjoyable experience and better images all around. If you choose to make a scene, you then immediately forfeit your session and there will be no reschedules or refunds. 

If by some freak accident an animal is injured by accident or on purpose, all sessions that day and possibly the following will be rescheduled, and you release the photographer of liability, and agree to reschedule. 

Please bring any props and any change of clothes with you if you wish to have them in your photos. Also, plan for rain as we will shoot in the rain if safe possible. In the event weather is an issue and you are a later session, please call ahead to see if your session is still able to be done. 

All shoots are at the mercy of the weather. Photographer is not responsible for acts of nature and God. If something happens that prevents the shoot from happening, your shoot will be rescheduled for a later date. 

Should something happen to the photographer and the photographer is a no-call/no-show due to illness, injury, or death that would prevent photographer from contacting you and showing up,  your money will be completely refunded or the session rescheduled based on the circumstances.

In booking session, you also release photographer of liability of lost of time in the instance of a temper tantrum, uncooperative child (in which case the photographer will eventually just cancel and reschedule your session), feeds, diaper changes, etc. as you acknowledge and understand that each session is time sensitive. It is for these reasons there is a 30-Minute buffer between each session to give you the opportunity to deal with any circumstances that might arise within that allotted window.