Corporate Interviews and Testimonial Videos
Prices start at and may very based on production needs: 
$1600 to $3200- 4 Hours, No Editing- Footage is uploaded within 48 Hours (Cost ranges on setup, amount of crew and cameras required)
Price includes Full 1080p to 4k 30 fps, Cinema Quality Production, 1 additional Crew Member, 1.5 hours setup time and 1.5 hours strike time. 
*Note: If Editing is required, price will range as time of delivery will increase to 7-10 Business Days unless otherwise stated. 

$8000 Full 10 hour Day- No Editing, Footage is uploaded within 48 Hours or mailed via Overnight Shipping on SSD or Hard Drive. 
Price includes Full 1080p to 4K 30fps, Cinema Quality Video Production, 1 additional Crew Member, Cinematographer, 2 hour setup and 2 hours strike time.

Prices may vary depending on production needs, time, gear used and equipment rental, lodging, pier diem, mileage, travel, and other necessary accommodations, permits, licensing, crew members, Workers Comp, and legal/tax/union requirements.  

*Deposits and Cancellation Fees may vary based on production, and time in which the event is scheduled/cancelled. Deposits are non-refundable, but event may be rescheduled to a later date with a new Deposit for that date (My time and my crew's time is precious as they make that time available for you, so I make sure they are paid. Its unfortunate that scheduling conflicts happen as thats life, but with that in mind, this company has bills as does the people who work for it. I truly appreciate all they do and time they sacrifice away from their families and personal lives to accept work. I only work with and hire experienced and dedicated, professional individuals, who are responsible and accept responsibility. 
Thank you in advance for your understanding.