Its that time of year again when your little people are about to enter into the adult world of work, choosing their paths of going into a job, staying in the current job they are in, or advancing to a trade and training for that trade, or college career, as they prepare for GRADUATION!

Graduation- Trina 2020Graduation- Trina 2020

Congratulations to the Class of 2024! You have earned it! You've worked tirelessly many of you to get to where you are. Some have had a lot of setbacks and yet still not ever given up. 

For me, I failed two grades and passed one during summer school. Then in college, it took me 10 full years to finally complete my Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting which I completed in 2015, and started in 2005. 

I did it all, from pre-law, to ministry Arts, psychology, human services, film and broadcasting, and public relations before I finally settled on Broadcasting with a film minor that I got the credits for, but after all that work, the minor was removed because the professor that was heading up all of that left the school. 

I still consider myself a film minor as my credits recognize it, but the fact remains that I did not give up even when the world was against me. 

Now, you have made it. You're at that point where you feel all of the pressure of upcoming finals, credits still left and reports, pushing through those last few requirements to make sure that you graduate on time. You're HERE! Now all you need is those photos to commemorate your effort and hard work. 
Graduation- Thain 2020Graduation- Thain 2020 IMG_7036IMG_7036Graduation Photoshoot
Client/Model: Kia K.
Location: Downtown, Lakeland, Florida

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