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Its Officially Day 1 of PhotoPlus Expo 2017!

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We are in New York City for the PhotoPlus Expo PhotoPlus Expo in New York. Its officially Day 1 here at PhotoPlus Expo at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.  The lines were long and going out the door when we got here at 10:30am this morning. 

I met a couple of attendees earlier that were in line at 8am this morning who stated that it was bare almost and then in a matter of minutes, the line formed around them, into a loop and out the door of the Javits Convention Center. 

IMG_3904Line Outside PhotoPlus Expo Entrance and Registration Day 1This is the line of people outside PhotoPlus Expo Regristration, ©2018 NWPHOTOVIDEO.COM All Rights Reserved.

I'm so blessed and honored to have my best friend and wonderful wife with me for this. She will be learning not just about what I do and this industry, but hopefully she can find something of her own that she can be extremely passionate about. 

I will be posting and writing about all of our adventures here in New York.

Yesterday, I was able to interview three companies due to a technical difficulty. I'm not going to post about that because I feel its just a possible technology flaw and I had to get one of the bad boom poles of that production line. 

I got some very helpful tips yesterday also from someone I very dearly respect and admire.  I was able to peek in on the "Get Better Clients Bootcamp Intensive and had the absolute privilege of speaking with Jamie Saunders. For those of you who don't know, Jamie is a Senior Marketing Manager for Neenah Paper and Packaging. She holds a Communications degree from the University of Georgia. She gave me tips on how to rebrand my business and deal with a few fake reviews on my facebook page which is now making me consider even more starting all over with a fresh page.  Out with the old and in with the new, right? 

Nonetheless, we did meet with three companies that I feel would not only be of interest to you, we also met up with the show director, who was so kind to give us his time. I won't lie, it was on the fly and a get ready kind of moment because we had no idea that was about to happen. And again, my wife rose to the occasion as her FIRST time as a boom pole operator and my assistant. (Applause here please) 

Hopefully today if we have the time. After yesterday, we were pooped and just ready to come back and get some good shuteye because the exhibitors were amazing and the excitement level was raging from all the attendees and media who got to checkout and talk to the new exhibitors at Test Drive. 

Test Drive is an event exclusively for new exhibitors to come out and have a first hand opportunity before anyone else to show their products and get people talking, purchasing, and using what they have to show in everyday use. I was quite impressed with all the exhibitors. 

There were some that I would have liked to have interviewed, but thanks to a stupid boom pole, that was cut quite short. Nonetheless once again my wife and i troubleshooted the problem to find out that was the boom pole and not something else (Thanks Heaven!), then managed to get back to the floor and conduct the two interviews. 

Our plans today are to attend a couple classes which I will write and tell you about, and also get on the show floor for more in depth looks at what is being shown. 

They are also doing portfolio and website reviews downstairs at the 1E wing. The website reviews are free but its a good expense for the portfolio, but its definitely a great investment if you want to grow and get noticed by the media and social media. 

IMG_8991IMG_8991Joel Grimes conducts seminar keynote live at PhotoPlus Expo 2017 I just attended the early class “Master The Most Beautiful Light in the World” instructed by Joel Grimes, an illusionist who has been diligently innovating portraits through working with top companies, corporations and advertising agencies for more than 30 years. In 2016, Canon handpicked Joel as one of their exclusive Explorer of Light Photographers and is also a  Wescott Top Pro Elite photographer. His credits also include as a Photoshop Features Artist by Adobe.  

In Joel’s class, he spoke about how to master the most beautiful light in any situation without getting “into the hype ofbrand names” or model names, lighting ratios, flash meters, or schematics. He spoke on lighting modifiers and natural light, shaping the light and how to give the model or client the perfect picture. Joel spoke on choosing the right modifiers and how to clean up the photo with just simply moving the light forward or back from the subject.  One of the main things that I took away from this class is the redefinition of Rembrant lighting to 90º rather than 45º because “Wikipedia” is not a credible source. If you all get the chance to visit Joel on the show floor than be sure to stop on by!

The expo is still open! If you just want to attend the expo only, its a quarter a day… ok, not a quarter; it’s $25 a day. If you’re in NYC or close to the city, make sure you stop by and give me a shout when you get here and let us know what you think! The investment is worth the buy and you can check out the booths, get great discounts, get your hands on some nice gear to try it before you buy it, meet people from all over the country, and don’t forget to scan your badges! This will get you into the drawings that the booths will have for drawings for some nice new sweet stuff like gear, cameras, memberships, software, and who knows what else. But stick right here and I’ll be sure to let you know!

Talk to you all soon!


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