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Now Open for Business!

November 22, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to PhotosbyNathanW.com!

We are now open for business! I am proud to announce the upcoming plans for my studio and photography plans. I have hired a team of professionals as well as other soon to be professionals as I train them in the world of photography and running a business. Its such a pleasure and honor to welcome aboard these ladies who have so graciously given me their commitment to not only have faith in me, but also to learn and gain experience in the professional world. We are only on the ground floor and ready to move forward.

At PhotosbyNathanW.com, we specialize in all photography genres such as modeling, fashion, boudoir, landscape, commercial, family portraits, kids, pet portraits, sporting events, concerts, senior portraits, school events, graduation, glamour, engagements, weddings, anniversaries,... (breath) and the list just keeps going. We also can do music videos, live sessions, interviews, restaurant, company, and product reviews (both editorial and video). Whatever your needs are and may be, we have you covered.

With over 15 years in Customer service, and 15+ years in photography, I took it to the next level and began flying in 2002. My goal at that time was to exceed what others told me that I could and would never achieve. I took my first solo in July of 2002 at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, in Lakeland Florida under my flight instructer, Dean McGuinnes. I also solo'd at an uncontrolled field in Winter Haven, Florida, at Winter Haven Municipal Airport. With this education under my belt I found that it was time that I again, take it a step further and go to college. In January of 2005, I embarked on a journey that would lead me into becoming a whole new man and person that I have now become. Southeastern University of the Assemblies of God in Lakeland Florida, became more than just a school; it became my home and solitude escape where i had people who loved me and supported me in all my endeavors, encouraging me to be not just a role model, but a servant leader. At the time, it was Dr. Mark Rutland who was the president of the college, who took it into University status the following year in 2006. 

At Southeastern, I began my education in learning what it was to be a true Christian, and understanding that its only Christ that sets me apart from the rest. I took up my major in Communications, focusing in broadcasting and film because I did not want to miss out on anything that was meant for me later on down the road. It was my mission to gain the education and experience to produce commercials, films, documentaries, videos, shows and programs that would focus on the underdogs of our world. God gave me the heart to love people and share my love and passion with those around me. I learned how to structure my content and develop stories and screen-plays, films, and direct television programming in a manner that was serving to those who I direct, and not just "bossy." This gave me the skills and talent i have now to train almost anyone in television and film.

I was also the starting promotional director for WSEU-Southeastern Radio during its birth in 2008-2009. It was something that I was not sure about but for some reason, God put it in my path, knowing i would need it. I recognize when things are put in front of me and I take the opportunity because marketing and promotions was something I knew I could handle, because i talk way too much and I love people. Promotional advertisement taught me a little more about demographics and psychology, as well as brought into focus a little about the classes I had taken in Psychology, Human Services, Sociology, and Ethics. With all of this, I was well on my way through my direction in communications. I later took Cinematography, quite a few video and editing classes, tons more film and production classes, including basic photography just in case i missed something. I have trained a large number of camera operators and others in production and acting, modeling, and overall reading scripts.

The first phase has already been taken place. I have teamed up with numerous printing companies, camera equipment inventors, website hosts, domain sellers, and various hardware and software companies, to bring you the best and highest quality of service in this professional world. I will be reviewing tons of new equipment in the world of photography and video, which should help you make a decision and lean you in the right direction of making the best and wisest purchases.

Also, please keep in mind that my partnerships with these companies by no means defines my reviews, nor will they negotiate. I will state all my likes and dislikes, as well as pros and cons of each and every product. I will review how each of the issues are handled and the turn-around time in which any and all issues are or are not resolved, the outcome, and possible improvements that could be made. I will report on the improvements that have been made and address any and all concerns brought to my attention.

If you have any comments or concerns, i urge you, my readers, and the customers/clients of the manufacturers to contact me so that I may report on it and/or evaluate it and do my best to make the experience better for both you and everyone else as I work with the companies to help them as well improve their products.

If you leave comments, please be respectful and handle anything and everything respectfully and professionally. Any obscene language or attacks will be deleted. We are here for each other and I want to help both you and the companies improve on things that are out of order. I have directed the companies towards my blogs and they will keep up with them and all comments left to address your concerns and comments as necessary.

Well, its late, and i am exhausted. I hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving, and will be safe as you shop on Black Friday. Stay tuned in for updates, discounts on my packages and services, and products as they are made available to us.


Nathan Waters


"Capture Life!"™


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