Prayers for Abby Grace Warren

May 27, 2013  •  1 Comment
972247_10200418387159451_50204491_n This Page is Dedicated to the Warren Family:
In prayer for the Warren Family... Little Abbey Warren is at the hospital right now and all i know and info I can give is that she was air lifted, ..... please if you are awake stop what you're doing and lift your hands and pray for this child... Jesus promised those who have abundant faith he will look after and protect and I know this family has had enormous faith and obedience unto Him... So in Jesus name my friends, please pray pray pray and keep praying. If you have kids of your own, pray as if this child was your own.... and keep praying.... I believe in prayer and miracles. Do you? If so, PLEASEE PRAY!

As permitted by the family i will update this blog in further details of Abbey's condition and status.



From Abby's Mom, Rachel Stewart Warren:

Thursday, June 13, 2013 6:08pm

Happy Dance Moment: Called one of the three hospitals Abby's "vacationed" with in the past 7 months to try and negotiate monthly payments (one of her larger bills). I had put off calling -she has so many medical bills and the amount of this one was just really stressing me out (yep, I was sticking my head in the This very kind gentleman pulled up our information and asked if I would mind holding. (I'm thinking, great - this can't be good). He comes back on to inform me that there's a ZERO balance, we owe nothing! WOW! (something about resubmitting the claim to our insurance and it being paid in full - doesn't sound like something our insurance would do -but whatever the case - it's amazing!)feeling blessed.


Posted: June 2, 2013 9:25pm

Contact your local American Red Cross for dates/details on available CPR/first aid training. And be sure to sign your precious ones up for early survival swim lessons/refresher courses -especially before all the summer water fun begins! Never take for granted what can happen in the matter of seconds!!!

Click HERE for Article regarding drowning from Bay News 9. (Copy and paste link into browser if "HERE" link does not work.)



   Rachel just posted:.... Here is the post she just made and this will let everyone know the questions you have asked and wondered. ...Thanks to everyone for your prayers! God DID answer those prayers and spared this childs life! God is indeed a merciful loving God. He definitely heard your prayers and they were indeed answered. Thankyou all so much! So, here is the update!!


FROM RACHEL: Friday, March 31st, 12:20pm

A Tragic Reminder of Water Safety:
After our family’s tragic events this holiday weekend, I can’t help but be concerned for other Families as we’re planning our summer vacations including lots of water fun in the hot summer weather. As many of you know, children hold a very special place in my heart – MY children are my life. I hope that our horrible experience will at least serve as a reminder of the importance of water safety (and safety in general) and hopefully save other precious ones from a similar experience as our sweet Abigail Grace.

965642_10200466689006967_2027675381_o On May 28th, we were over visiting family for a Memorial Day party: Lots of pool time and fun in the sun. It was wonderful, the kids were having a blast and before we knew it, it was getting late and we started packing up. We were getting ready to head home - I stepped inside for ONE minute to put some last minute things in our beach bag while daddy remained outside with the kids and other family members. I assumed daddy had an eye on Abigail; unfortunately, daddy thought I had her and in the short minute it took for us to realize the miscommunication, the damage was done. Our precious two year old baby girl was floating lifeless in the pool, mere feet from the adults who were still outside (a wall blocked their view of the pool). I’ll never forget the panic in Mike’s voice and the horrific image of our baby girl lifeless, pulse less and blue. My husband and I are both trained in CPR/First Aid as is Abby’s Uncle who assisted Mike and we know this is what ultimately saved her life as we awaited EMS (it seemed like eternity as each set of compressions/breaths were completed to no avail, at one point I honestly thought we had lost her completely, praying to the Lord to please, please help us, until suddenly she started trying to take breaths). She was airlifted to Tampa General fighting for every breath; but, miraculously was breathing on her own by the time we landed in Tampa. She had a short stay in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit due to concerns of secondary drowning and infection but was soon released. The recovery for her and our entire family is tremendously difficult and on-going, we’ll never be able to erase the images, events or raw emotions from our minds (our older boys share an incredibly close bond with Abby and saw her being pulled from the pool before being shielded from the horrific scene, they continue to periodically check her to make sure her lips aren’t “blue anymore”; but, we feel led to share this story (as hard as it is) to at least spread awareness of how very real the possibilities are to even the most safety vigilant of parents/guardians. Little ones are so incredibly fast and it only takes seconds to change lives forever!

In Florida, Drowning is the #1 cause of death in children:
1) Be sure children receive water safety and survival lessons as soon as possible (young children usually need a refresher course a year later). Our older children were in swim lessons as soon as they could walk. Abigail has had some health issues which delayed her ability to have these crucial lessons.
2) Be sure parents are trained in CPR/first aid or at very minimal, parents insure someone else trained in first aid is always available while their child is in or around water.

3) Keep young children within arms-reach at all times and older children within view at all times. Drowning is nearly always a silent event – you won’t hear it happen.
4) Use very clear communication as to who has full responsibility of a specific child at any given minute. Never, never, NEVER make assumptions, even for mere seconds. As in our situation, Just because there’s adults around, it doesn’t mean they truly have a focused eye on the child unless there’s verbal agreement/ understanding.

This attached picture was taken just hours before the horrible events and luckily, we’ll have many more of these family pictures in the future! We’re so grateful of God’s Grace working through the hands of so many folks: close family & friends, EMS, PCSO, Fire-Rescue, Life Flight, TGH ER personal , PICU doctors and nurses and also for the flood of prayers and support from family and friends!





Tuesday, May 28th, 2013,... 7:10PM

Abby's doing better and better, has made a remarkable turnaround from just 24 short hours ago and is expected to make a full recovery (no long term issues). Definitely an answer to so many prayers. (I honestly still can't believe it happened).


Tiffani Warren Morris:  Report from the Aunt of Abbey


Tuesday, May 28th, 1:21 PM

******UPDATE** on Abby Grace!!!! Our God is TRULY AWESOME!!! The healing hands that he laid upon my niece last night were nothing short of AMAZING!!!!! Abby got to come home ALREADY!!! She is still a little wobbly on her feet, but is all smiles and laughter!!! I can NOT thank you all enough for ALL of your prayers for this little girl and our families!!! God has truly given us another reason to praise Him and raise Him up! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!



Monday, May 27th, 11:38pm

Just received a good report from my mom at the hospital.... still not 100% yet, however, Abby IS making progress!!! Loving the fight in this little girl!!♥♥!! God has BIG plans for her when she gets older!! She's destined to do GREAT things!! Thank you all for your past, present and continued prayers!! AND a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU AND MUCH LOVE TO Polk County Fire Rescue, Polk County Sheriff's Office and the helicopter crew FOR YOUR SERVICE AND COMPASSION IN THIS VERY STRESSFUL AND EMOTIONAL TIME!! YOU ARE APPRECIATED AND LOVED!!! Leah Chase (Matt was wonderful and I KNOW you're proud!!) Vince Gonzalez, you KNOW I heart seeing you, but let's pick a better meeting place and time next go 'round! Jim Bryan thank you for coming out to check on us and to your shift that responded so quickly! We truly do appreciate the amazing work that you ALL do!!


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vicki sellers(non-registered)
Heavenly Father, I lift Abbey up to You and I just want to praise You for Your healing. I praise You for letting Abbey come through this and for her to still be here with us. Lord I ask for continued healing so that Abbey is able to go home very soon and is as healthy as can be. And Lord I lift up Mike and Rachel to you as well as both their families...Continue to minister to them with Your peace and Your strength and just let them see Your handiwork in the midst of this. Thank You Lord for the people who were involved in taking care of Abbey and as Tiffani stated, acted with haste, as well as compassion and love in a very stressful situation!!! Thank You Lord for all You do and for Your continued mercy and grace!! In Your most precious name, Amen
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