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Local Photography- PhotosbyNathanW.com - Lakeland

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Hey Guys!

First of all, I would like to give a shout out to my friends at Zenfolio for their awesome service and the host of my website for all your support and service that you have provided me. I would also like to include them in my thanks for service and support below. I have included a link in my promotionals and discounts page.







So, What has Nathan been up to lately? Well, I've mostly been adding my site to several search engines most of the day today. I can tell you one thing; being in business for yourself is no easy task and requires so much time out of your schedule. So many people don't realize just what we do as photographers to keep our business up and running as well as the expenses of advertising, membership fees and subscriptions to keep our business listed, the software and hardware costs, costs of gear and the insurance, transportation costs such as leasing or loans, plus operation and maintenance of that vehicle and the vehicle insurance, then all the taxes and licensing to run an operate the business, internet costs, and on top of that, cost of living....

Its quite a stressful life but we do it because of the return we get when we make people happy or cry tears of joy and have that something to remember and keep the image alive in their heads. If that image fades on paper, we have to have it backed up somewhere which requires new hard disks and then protection for that in case of fire or natural disaster, then all those memories are protected. If a hard drive fails, then its backed up to a secondary hard drive.

I have so much money invested into my equipment. And then when someone tries to get me to do a shoot for free and gives me the whole "I'm allowing you to do this to use in your portfolio...," nothing could insult, upset, offend, and/or anger me more. I mean you don't get free cable or electric, plumbing, or repair services on your car do you? Same is here! We as photographers have so much to pay for yet we are so disrespected. It might not be intentionally, but still it would be nice to have people undersatnd just how much time we put into our work to make sure you get something WORTH remembering.

It basically boils down to the question of is your memory and life so worthless to have someone do it for free and/or so cheap to screw it up? If thatIMG_1097-2 is the case then its not worth even remembering! But if it is, then is it not worth investing into that memory to make sure its kept safe?

As your photographer I take deep heart and pride in providing service to you on a personal level that i care about you as someone worth living and taking the time to make sure i capture every single moment that I see so that its a moment you can forever treasure.  Who wouldn't want that?!

I hope this has not come across as a rant or anything because its me simply sharing my thoughts and what is on my heart as both a person and a professional photographer that cares about their client(s).

Also, if you have had your photos taken by me as a courtesy, please know that as much as I love helping you out, I also have my expenses just as you do and the transportation to get to where I have to be. I have even had people get mad and throw at me "well we never asked you to come take our pictures or to do anything for us!" Seriously?!?!? lol

I hope i have reached you all out there because again, its how we as photographers live. And then to be undermined by those who call themselves photographers are professionals just because they buy an expensive camera. Its NOT the camera doing the work, its the photographer! So if you like the image, please don't ask "wow, what kind of camera is that," or say "that is and amazing camera and gear." Its the person behind the device who got the picture. I have alone spent 16+ years in my craft doing both video and photography, then expanding into film, and tv/radio broadcasting. I think I'm just going to list my resume on here so you all can see my experience and know the time and costs of it all.

Just remember if you could when you choose a photographer, do they really care enough about you or your images if they are only charging you such a small fee and giving you a disk? And do they offer the packages and the products that would be quality for you do display in your home? Does your photographer include editing in the photographs? How long have they been doing photography? What other experience and qualifications do they have? Do they backup their photos and are they safe from water/fire damage? If you come back to them, are there incentives if you use them again?

Don't be afraid to ask these questions. Because if they are only charging you anything less than $85-125 based on todays economy, they are probably not caring enough about you or your photos to back them up and have not much experience. If it is a shoot that can be redone, then I would still choose someone that you know cares about your pictures and has a great portfolio. If not, well you just got punked out of your money when you could have spend just a little more and hired a real professional and gotten a great shoot out if it. Not to mention the cost of education and seminars, classes, expositions to look for new and better equipment to keep up-to-date with today's techniques and networking so that we can provide you with the best services possible at the lowest prices by some of the best printers and printing companies.

Well, If you read all of this then chances are, you need to stop reading and book me already, then go grab a sandwich, or get off before you are late back from your lunch break or picking up your kids, husband, or friend from the airport. And I hope that you didn't have to pee before you sat down to read this and have been holding it ever since... lol . As much as I am flattered, its not healthy for your bladder and it won't look good with a huge wet spot on you! I probably just made atleast have of you blush because that is exactly what you're doing.


God bless you guys!



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